Bigg Boss 12 to Air at 9 Pm Daily - Does This Mean Cringe Free Entertainment?
Bigg Boss 12 will be a lot more cleaner this year

It's almost that time of the year when ardent fans of Bigg Boss will be glued to their TV screens every single night for a period of over 100 days. This year, however, at a different time. The twelfth season of the mother of all Indian reality TV shows goes on-air from September 16. But unlike the past couple of seasons, Bigg Boss 12 will take the prime time slot. So this year, however, they will have to rush to home from office a little sooner for the next three months as BB12 will air at 9 PM daily rather than at 10:30 PM.

With this we are back to the good ol' days. Till the fourth season, Bigg Boss ruled the prime time slot. But that same year, the Information and Broadcasting Ministry served a notice on Colors, due to complaints of indecent exposure aired on national television. The channel was asked to change the timings of the show and they had to comply. Bigg Boss 5, which was jointly hosted by Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt became the first season to air at late night. And the ninth, tenth and last year's season got the same time slot. Evidently, the schedule of Bigg Boss has kept shuttling between two time slots in all these years.

However now that Bigg Boss is back to the 9 PM slot this year after three years, what does this mean? Only one thing, that it is going to be less cringeworthy. So we will not get to see things like:

Contestants throwing their pee around like holy water

And contestants peeing during tasks

Contestants getting naughty under the sheets

There is too much responsibility on not only the makers, but the contestants too. Ever since the show was pushed to the late night slot, the participants didn't really care much about their actions inside the house. The examples above are proof. But this year, they can't do something embarrassing and hurtful. For all you know, the contestants must have been given special instructions by the programming team on how to conduct themselves this time.

Of course, friendships will still be put to test with every task. There will still be hunger for becoming the next captain of the house among the inmates. The show will still bring to light the true nature of a person, as the contestants will be put under pressure and thrown together with people whose points of view may differ from theirs with no means of escaping. There will still be romance. But all of it is going to be a lot more cleaner than compared to the last few seasons.

Let's just hope the lineup of this year doesn't disappoint the makers and force them to push Bigg Boss 12 back to the 10:30 PM slot in a couple of weeks.