Mahira steals a chips packet from the cabinet reserved for only the captain by stealing the captain. Asim and Himanshi spend some sweet moments together. 

Arti Singh yet again goes and explains herself to Sidharth Shukla (we honestly don't know why?) and tells him that she was unaware that Asim was rude to Shukla the previous night. Why Arti... Why? 

Paras' attitude irks Himanshi who asks his student to behave. Himanshi tests Rashami, Paras and Vishal. Paras is irked with Vishal for taking part in classes, but Vishal asks him to not interrupt. But Himanshi gift the apple to Shefali. 

Shehnaaz and Asim start arguing and call each other names. Paras too gets into the argument. Asim tells Shehnaaz that he never considered her a friend. Shehnaaz tells Asim that he has no level to talk to her and calls him a loser. 

Sidharth Shukla conducts practicals for dance and makes everyone dance to his tunes. Outside, Rashami Desai destroys Bhau's scooter. She sees Himanshi and questions her about Asim's comments on her and Sidharth. Vishal gets an apple from Sidharth Shukla. 

Asim taunts Rashami about the food that she cooked for Sidharth, but Rashami takes it in her stride. Paras is seen upset with Vishal for destroying Bhau's scooter. 

Vishal tells Bhau that he also needs to take things in his stride when he passes comments and expects others to. Mahira questions Bhau and the latter tells him that he likes her lips and they are not big. Bhau then calls Vishal a Narad muni. 

Bhau starts with attendance and Vishal bunks the lecture and targets Bhau and Himanshi's scooter. Bhau then draws Mahira's lips on the board and Shefali passes comments on the former again. Mahira also does not leave any opportunity to taunt Shefali. Rashami bunks the lecture.

Like mentioned in the task, Asim steals Vishal's apple and Shefali comes to defend Asim. Then Mahira also joins Vishal and they all try to get back Vishal's apple. And both Shefali and Mahira get into a war of words. 

Shehnaaz then asks about love triangles and Paras says it's between him, Sidharth and Shehnaaz. He then does not leave any chance to flirt with her. The class comes to an end and Shehnaaz gives Vishal the first apple. 

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The love bug seems to have bitten Asim Riaz and Himanshi Khurana for the duo will be seen confessing their feelings for each other. However, Asim makes sure to tell Himanshi that he will draw a line as the latter is engaged, but he will always respect, protect and support her. The house then moves on to find the next contenders for the next captaincy task. However, this task sees Asim and Shehnaaz Gill's issues come to fore like never before. Called BB College, contestants are divided into teams of teachers and students and the task sees lots of drama. Bigg Boss 13: Himanshi Khurana Tells Asim Riaz That ‘She Has Feelings For Him; What About Her 9 Year-Old Relationship Outside The House? (Watch Video)