Exclusive Bigg Boss 13: Tehseen Poonawalla Says THIS After Wife Monicka Claimed That He Exited The Show for Political and Legal Reasons
Tehseen Poonawalla (Photo Credits: Twitter)

The latest season of Bigg Boss for the first time in the history of the reality show saw a mid-season finale. That's not it, as till now the makers have welcomed almost seven wild card contestants in the ghar. Having said that, the shocker came in when one of the most sensible wild card, Tehseen Poonawalla was evicted from the show in just a span of one week. While fans were made to believe that Poonawalla got eliminated from the show due to less number of votes, but there was more to the tale. As Tehseen's wife Monicka in her Instagram story revealed that the reason behind her husband's eviction from BB 13 was 'political and legal commitments'. Post eviction, Tehseen spoke to LatestLY and we quizzed the actor about on his wife's IG update and the real reason for his exit. Exclusive Bigg Boss 13: Tehseen Poonawalla Says His Nasty ‘Jawab’ to Asim Riaz Was in Response to Latter’s ‘Sawal’ on His Career.

Well, to which he replied: "I’m not allowed to speak about my contract, number one. Number 2 situation is such that I had to come out of the house and I’m out and that’s the reality. There is nothing more to this." Now, that's a safe answer by him, but if you can read between the lines, then we guess, it looks like Tehseen was out of the show with regards to some political reason only and not due to less votes. Bigg Boss 13: Here's What Vikas Gupta Has To Say On Salman Khan Supporting Sidharth Shukla Over Mahira Sharma - Watch Video

Check Out Tehseen's Wife Monica's IG Story Below: 

A screengrab of Monica's Instagram story

And Here's Poonawalla's First Instagram Update After Getting Evicted From BB 13: 

Talking about the political analyst, Tehseen, his one week stint on the show made a lot of noise. Though he was not seen inside the ghar much, his fight with Asim Riaz grabbed limelight. During the verbal war, Tehseen had said to Riaz that he 'hires 100s like him'. This particular statement of the political guy was not even supported by Twitter. In a nutshell, all we can say is Tehseen's journey was a roller-coaster one. Stay tuned to LatestLY for all the exclusive updates on BB 13!