Game of Thrones Season 8 Arya Stark’s Sex Scene: Looking at the Young Assassin’s Journey From Girlhood to Womanhood Across Seasons
See the journey of Arya Stark 'the girl has no name'. (Photo Credits: File Photo)

Monday is here and so is another episode of Game of Thrones, Season 8! After a dramatic end to the second episode of Game of Thrones, which aired today on Hotstar, the wait until next Monday for yet another nail-biting episode hopefully does not kill us. So, in order to help you tide over, we decided to give you this. Let's take a look back over the years and see how much has (one of our favourite characters on the show) Arya Stark evolved both physically (some of them have had pretty dramatic transformations!) and as a person. A tomboy to an assassin, Arya has had a dramatic journey, which had its tragic moments. Game of Thrones, episode 2 of season 8, Arya losing her virginity to  Gendry also marks an important chapter in her journey. But while that's all the internet could talk about, Arya's life was more than just that. It's a inspirational journey from girlhood to womanhood that's worth looking back at. Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2: Maisie Williams Discusses Nudity in Arya Stark’s Sex Scene With Gendry, Says ‘Kept Myself Pretty Private’

Before you scroll further down, remember that just as the title suggests, spoilers lie ahead as I talk about characters' journeys over the years. So, if you want to avoid it, you can just go through the pictures to see how the character's look has changed over the years. Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2: Daenerys’ Reaction to Jon Snow’s Identity is Making Fans Believe Theories of Her Becoming ‘Mad Queen’

Check Out The Pictures Here:

Season 1

Jon Snow gives Arya her first ever sword, Needle. (Photo Credits: File Photo)

From Jon Snow giving Arya her sword, Needle, to her water dancing lessons with Syrio Forel to her father Lord Eddard’s death and Jaqen H’ghar’s gift of the Faceless Man coin, which allows her to sail to Braavos, it was quite a journey of Arya in Game of Thrones season 1.

Season 2

Tywin Lannister takes Arya as his cupbearer in Season 2. (Photo Credits: File Photo)

This is when Tywin Lannister recognises Arya as a girl and takes her as his cupbearer. Also, in King's Landing (on the continent of Westeros), Arya meets Jaqen, who offers to take her to Braavos to join the Faceless Men assassin guild. Although she declines, he gives her an iron coin that will allow her to obtain passage to Braavos.

Season 3

Arya is captured by the Hound in Season 3. (Photo Credits: File Photo)

In season 3, Arya is captured by the Hound, who intends to take her to House Frey of the Twins (the Great House of the Riverlands) to ransom her to her brother Robb Stark. However, Hound and Arya arrive only to realise that the Freys have betrayed the Starks and slaughtered their forces. But Arya somehow escapes the massacre. Arya Stark to Get Pregnant After Having Sex With Gendry? This New Game of Thrones 8 Theory Is Buzzing on Social Media!

Season 4

Arya Stark escapes The Twins. (Photo Credits: File Photo)

After escaping The Twins, Arya is taken to the Vale by The Hound as to ransom Arya to her aunt Lysa Arryn. This time they arrive to the Vale only to be turned away at the Bloody Gate as they are informed that Aunt Lysa has apparently committed suicide. (Lysa was in fact was pushed out the Moon Door by Petyr Baelish). As they return, Arya meets Brienne of Tarth, who fights the Hound to take Arya custody as she had sworn to Catelyn Stark to take Arya to safety. But Arya manages to hide from Brienne and encounters a Braavosi captain, who offers her passage to Braavos after she gives him the iron coin.

Season 5

Arya stark is accepted into the House of Black and White by a man who wears Jaqen H'ghar's face in Season 5. (Photo Credits: File Photo)

Arya, who is accepted into the House of Black and White by a man who wears Jaqen H'ghar's face in season 5, loses her sight in this season when Jaqen Arya has not dissociated from her identity.

Season 6

Arya Stark escapes death. (Photo Credits: File Photo)

In Season 6, when in the eighth episode, we all almost believe that Arya Stark is dead, the ninth episode is nothing but happiness as she kills Waif and it's not the other way round. She then removes Waif's face and adds it to the Hall of Faces. She then tells an impressed Jaqen that she is Arya Stark, and returns to Westeros. Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2: Did You Spot the Blink-and-Miss Comeback of Jon Snow’s Direwolf Ghost?

Season 7

Arya Stark murders Littlefinger despite his pleas for mercy. (Photo Credits: File Photo)

From taking the face of Walder Frey to killing Littlefinger despite his pleas for mercy, Arya made us all root for her to sit on the Iron Throne.

Season 8

Arya Stark loses her virginity to Gendry. (Photo Credits: File Photo)

Arya reunites with Jon, Gendry, and the Hound, who have all journeyed to Winterfell with Daenerys Targaryen's forces to make a stand against the approaching White Walkers.

This week’s episode did not disappoint fans and just like the reactions to the first episode, the excitement, this time, has only been doubled, leaving netizens taking to social media to share their thoughts, opinions, and verdicts. After today's episode, everyone is talking about nothing but Arya losing her virginity to Gendry.