'I Never Said Things About Priyank To Get His Reaction' - Divya Agarwal!
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The vivacious Punjabi kudi Divya Agarwal, who shot into limelight for her stint in Splitsvilla and also for her relationship with hunk Priyank Sharma, recently won MTV's reality show Ace of Space. In an astounding grand finale that rivalled any Bollywood film awards, Divya clinched the title of the show outdoing 5 other finalists Faizy Boo, Pratik Sehajpal, Varun Sood, Shehzad Deol and Miesha Iyer, followed by the Mastermind Vikas Gupta announcing Pratik and Varun as the first and second runner-up respectively. Divya Agarwal Takes Home The MTV Ace of Space Trophy!

The lady's roller-coaster journey in the house is known to all. And now, the lady got talking to us about all the developments in the show.

The best thing to have happened to you on the show is that you and Varun are finally together. While there were rumours earlier, are you guys official now?

Of course yes, we are quite official. We made it very clear. Jo hai kiya hai and we don’t want to beat around the bush.

We have seen you hesitate about how you do not want to start another relationship on the show. 

I think the best part is that I’ve known Varun for almost 2 years now. So it was not like I had met him on the show. Obviously if it was any other guy whom I’d have met on the show, then it would be next to impossible to believe whatever he was saying or doing. But with Varun, the case was different because we know each other from before the show and also, we’d made this pact that we’d marry each other if we did not find suitable life partners. But looks like destiny played its part here.

While we know the triangle that occurred between you, Varun and Chetna, how are things between you and Chetna now?

It was always nice. I never had a problem with Chetna ever, it was Varun actually. The entire triangle was more of how I did not want Varun to look like a Casanova or a playboy because of his behaviour. I wanted him to avoid falling into that category at any cost. My bond and friendship with him was very much visible and acceptable to people outside because of our real-life friendship outside the house before the show and that’s how we are. With me, it was fine because people were accepting it, but with someone else, it wouldn’t have looked nice. The issues were never between me and Chetna. She is a lovely girl and in the last days that I was in the show, we shared the bedroom and I understood her.

You made quite some shocking revelations about your ex-boyfriend Priyank Sharma on the show. Then he too wrote open letters to you. How would you like to clarify his statements? Anything you want to say about that?

I think I’ve said enough and what all I said was the truth. Jitna mere paaas tha I’ve spoken the truth. And I think there is nothing more to it. And justifications yaa clarifications tabhi dene hote hai when you are lying. I never said things to get his reaction or for people to start asking questions. This is a truth that I shared.

While you’ve seen quite the up and down journey in the show with all contestants, tell us about your current bond with everyone from the show.

Keeping Varun aside (that’s a bond for life), Fizah and Faizy are very very close to me and Akanksha and Pratik are also very close. I share an extremely close and warm bond and we are waiting for our next meet and planning so much to do together.

Who all will you continue to be in touch with from the show?

I’ll be in touch with everyone, there is nobody that I don’t want to be in touch with. I'd love to meet everybody but the bond with some will be different. Rest assured, I’d love to keep in touch with them.

What next for you now that the show is over?

2019 is going to be full of work and you guys will see me do 10 times more work because I do not want to rest at all and want to rush to do things. You’ll also see me transform overall for the best.

On winning the show, Divya said, “This has been an overwhelming experience. MTV Ace of Space challenged me to ride over my fears like never before. Surviving in a house with shrinking walls and complete strangers was an ultimate test of patience and I am happy I could come out stronger. I have learnt a lot about myself and people in this journey. While this win feels surreal, I thank my parents, Varun and our Mastermind Vikas Gupta for the unending support and the audience for their love.”