Ishqbaaz February 7, 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Varun Forces Mannat to Marry Shivaansh, Will She Fall Prey to His Blackmailing?
Nakuul Mehta-Niti Taylor in Ishqbaaz (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Today’s episode of Ishqbaaz starts with PN asking SSO (Nakul Mehta) has he seen Mannat and that she wanted to talk to her. PN asks SSO did he scold her, SSO tells PN to relax as she was just an employee and not their family member. PN says why he removed her from the job and tells him that she wanted to tell him one thing that he should not have removed Mannat from the job. SSO calls Khanna and tells him to find Mannat’s sister Munni and bring her back. Just then Varun comes and tells that he will find out where Munni is and that SSO should not worry about it. SSO tells thanks to Varun and goes from there. Varun thinks he did this as he did not want them to know that he has kidnapped Munni.

Mannat looks for Munni and doesn’t get her. She thinks to go to the police. Varun calls her and threatens about Munni. She asks who are you. He asks her to check her phone. She gets shocked seeing Munni in the video. She asks why did you kidnap her, she is very ill, please leave her. Varun says Munni will be safe if she does his work. She asks what work. He says it won’t be good if you act smart. Mannat says she will do as he says and tell don’t do anything to her. He says very nice, wait for my next call.  Varun tells now Mannat will do what he says. Chachi says but you got SSO’s will, why do you use Mannat. Varun says she will become queen, we will get SSO married to such a girl whom we can fool and get money, that girl will be Mannat.

Radhika says that she is fine now. SSO asks what happened that day. She says Mannat had called a hair stylist for me, maybe she only hit on my head and she fainted and found myself somewhere else, that person was wearing red clothes, Radhika says she couldn’t see anything well, she ran out when she got a chance, she was so scared and felt that she would die. He hugs her and says police will nab the culprit. Shivani comes and asks her to have medicines. Radhika says sorry, her marriage broke because of her. Shivani asks her not to say sorry. SSO says he knows your’s and Angad’s relation got affected,  and that he can talk to Angad, but he didn’t take a stand for her, SSO thinks Angad does not deserve her, and that he will find the best guy for her. Radhika says we will together find him. He hugs his sisters and thinks he won’t forgive Mannat ever.

Varun says Mannat is a big fool. Chachi asks do you want to make her a queen, she is destruction. Varun says yes, she is Oberoi’s destruction, he will play such a game that they won’t know that they are getting married. Chachi says she heard SSO does not want to marry. He says yes, he has also noticed this, he had no affair and thinks there is a big reason behind this. He recalls SSO and says he takes a medicine every day and thinks something is wrong, there is some problem due to which he isn’t marrying, once we know it, we can play our next game. She asks how will we find out. He says Mannat will find out. He calls her and asks her to reach city hospital and wait for her call. He asks her not to tell anyone. She agrees. He calls her and asks did you reach. She says yes. He asks her to go to record room. The nurse stops her and says its restricted area.

Mannat says sorry. She thinks about what to do. She wears the doctor’s coat and enters. Mannat says she has got in. He asks her to get record files of patients with O surname and come out to wait for his next instruction. She says Mannat has no idea that it will have SSO’s file. Mannat gets the files. The doctor comes to take a file. Mannat thinks she can’t lose any file, else kidnapper will not leave Munni. Mannat says she is searching the same file and will give it to Dr. Verma. He asks who are you. Mannat says she is an intern and that she joined today. He asks her not to get late. He goes. She calls Varun and tells she got the files. He instructs her to keep files and get away. His aide gets the file when she gets away. He says a good job, your Munni will be safe until you do my work. She cries. Khanna gets a message and runs to SSO.

They see the breaking news. The reporter says SSO is suffering from heart disease. Everyone gets shocked. Avi says everyone is calling me to confirm this news, this is a rumor, right? PN asks SSO to say, what’s this. Varun asks what’s this SSO, it is not true. SSO says it is a lie, media can do anything for TRP. Shivani says they said they have your medical reports. SSO says it is not tough to make fake medical reports. PN says then tell me it is a lie, swear on me. He refuses. She slaps him and says you are lying. Varun recalls checking SSO’s medical file. He calls and says we were making plans to kill SSO, we don’t have to do this, because he is going to die, and  thinks Lord is with us, he has a heart disease, so he isn’t marrying, we will use his disease now, and tells he  knows what to do now. He asks his aide to make this breaking news out. Everyone asks SSO and Khanna to tell the truth.

In the precap, SSO says that he did not think that Mannat could do this all to him and says he won’t forgive her for this.