Ishqbaaz January 31, 2019 Written Update Full Episode: It’s Revealed! Aditi And Varun Together Plan To Rob Shivaansh
Nakuul Mehta-Niti Taylor in Ishqbaaz (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Today’s episode of Ishqbaaz starts with SSO (Nakul Mehta) thinking if Mannat has not opened the locker then who did it. Suddenly they hear a gunshot and see Aditi coming with a man and tells SSO that this man was running outside the house and that he is the stranger who was hiding in their house. PN sees his hand are colored and is shining. SSO tells that means this man is the thief. SSO asks what is she doing here. Aditi tells that the commissioner had told her to keep watch on Oberoi mansion. Aditi tells them to enjoy the function now that the stranger is caught and leaves from there. Radhika says where is Varun gone, suddenly Varun comes and tells he had gone to bring a cake for Shivani and wanted to surprise her.

Varun asks what is the matter why everyone is looking tensed, Radhika tells that she will tell him and takes him in. PN asks where is Mannat, Shivani tells that maybe she is gone, PN tells how can a girl work in the place where every day she is suspected. Mannat comes and tells that food is served and goes from there. PN tells SSO that he should say sorry to Mannat. While SSO is going he sees Mannat crying and talking to someone on phone. SSO feels guilty for his behavior (tere naam hamney kiya hai jeevan apna sara sanam track is played in the background).

SSO is taking a plate of food, Khanna asks for whom he is taking the food. SSO gives the plates to Khanna and tells him to give it to Mannat and says he thinks that she might not have eaten anything and tell him to give her a chocolate ice cream too and tells Khanna not to tell Mannat that he has sent him. Khanna tells Mannat to eat food and says that he has brought ice cream also and keeps it and goes. Mannat says that one should not get angry on food and starts eating it. Aditi is telling someone that he is saved because of her and if she had not taken her men there with the solution in his hand he would not get chance to escape from there and his innocent alliance and he would get caught. It is Varun with whom she is talking.

There Mannat is eating her ice cream and dashes with a stool and the ice cream falls inside SSO’s new shoes. SSO comes and tries the shoes and feels cold and sees ice cream in it and shouts at Khanna as who put it inside it. SSO remembers that he has sent Mannat an ice cream and thinks she has purposely put it inside. Varun is telling Aditi that by saving him she has not done any favor, he has brought her in his team for this only. Varun says that he will do his work from inside and she should do it from outside. Aditi asks whether he completed his work, Varun says he could not do it as before he could take it SSO removed all his important paper and kept is elsewhere and gets angry. Varun says that he will get it anyhow and need her help for it. Just then SSO comes and asks what help he wants from Aditi as he does not know her.

Aditi tells that she wanted the family statement and that Varun was helping me get that. SSO tells thank you to Aditi. SSO tells that he wants to talk about his new will which he has kept in PN’s room. Varun asks why he has made a new will, to this SSO tells that he wants Radhika to be happy in whatever condition she is, when he is there and when he is not there. SSO tells that he believes in him and that he will take care of Radhika. Khanna comes and tells SSO that PN is calling him and he goes.

SSO is keeping the will inside the locker and locks it and tells Khanna that he has told Aditi to take care of this room as it is very important. SSO tells that he does not have much time and before going he wants his duties to be fulfilled. Khanna tells everything will be fine and hugs him. PN is telling the staff to work fast as the guest will come and sees Mannat doing the work and tells her to look after the decoration. Seeing SSO Mannat starts daydreaming and press the glue bottle and all the glue falls on the white cloth which is kept down. SSO comes and tells her to work and not dream standing here. SSO thinks by that time he will check the gifts and sit in the same cloth in which glue is dropped.

Mannat sees some men bringing a basket of flower and checks it and finds something, just then Aditi comes and hold her hands. There SSO stands up and starts shouting the staff with the cloth stick behind him and is unaware about it. PN and all laugh seeing it. Aditi asks if something is wrong, Mannat says nothing she was just checking it. Aditi tells the workers to go and tells Mannat that it is her job is of checking and that she should do her work. In the precap, Mannat sees a string like a thing and asks Aditi what is this, just then SSO comes.