Ishqbaaz March 7, 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Mannat’s Only Wish Is for Shivaansh to Get Operated and She Managed to Save Him
Nakuul Mehta and Niti Taylor in Ishqbaaz Redux (Photo Credits: Hotstar)

Today’s episode of Ishqbaaz starts with SSO (Nakul Mehta) telling Mannat (Niti Taylor) that he does not know what relation is there between them but it is special for him. SSO tells that she believed in him that time when no one trusted him and had left him. SSO says that their journey together is till here only and asks for her forgiveness (Janey Jaa Janey Jaa track is played in the background) SSO tells he wants to do something for her that will make her happy and tells that he did not want to marry any girl and spoil their life, even with  Sonia he wanted a fake marriage but circumstances made them husband and wife. SSO tells that she might be having several dreams about marriage and ask what can he do for her before going and that he will do whatever she wants. Mannat tells him to get operated and tells not to lose faith in life and fight for himself and that they all are with him. SSO coughs and collapse, Mannat calls the doctor.

Meanwhile, Sahil is telling everyone that they should take SSO home, as the days left in his life should be spending with them. Shivani also agrees with him. Mannat comes and tells them that SSO will do the operation. Sahil says that the doctor had told that he cannot take the pain, but Mannat tells that even if he has strength or not but he will fight for his life and become well. The doctor comes and tells them that he is going to operate him as SSO has agreed to it. Mannat goes and sees SSO ( Janey jaaa janey jaa track is played in the operation) and wishes him all the best.

The doctor tells that this operation is very risky and the survival chances are only 10%. Mannat says that it is enough and that he will be fine and tells the doctor to do the operation. Mannat signs the consent form to start the operation. PN says that she thought to do the Mahashivratri pooja with SSO, but her SSO life is only in danger. Mannat tells that people say that near the river one time is there in which if we pray devotedly then out wishes are fulfilled and she will go there and pray for SSO health. Khanna says that it is not so easy and that one has to go on their knees and light the lamp on every floor and that many steps are there to go up. Mannat says she will do it for SSO.

The media is telling in the news about all the fans praying for SSO’s health. There SSO is being taken to the operation theater.  Mannat goes to the temple to pray for SSO’s health. The doctors perform the operation, as all wait outside. Mannat reaches the top of the temple and prays to God putting milk on Shivling and tells that he should save her SSO. Mannat tells that if anything happens to him then she also cannot live without him and cries.

In the hospital, Mannat comes and all see her in pain and calls the nurse to dress her up. Just then the doctor comes out and tells Mannat to come with him, Mannat sees inside the operations theater and is shocked.

In the next scene, after two months, PN comes in SSO rooms and tells him to come for breakfast, SSO is busy doing his work and signing films and new assignments. Mannat comes and shouts at SSO that why has he not come down till now for breakfast and takes him. In the breakfast table, Mannat tells him that he has to go for his checkup. SSO tells that he has some work today. Mannat tells they have to go for a walk on the beach as he needs fresh air. Munni comes and greets SSO and he feeds her food. Radhika tells Mannat to come and help her in choosing her dress. Shivani tells she is going shopping, SSO tells to get a pink dress for Mannat as it is her favorite colour. Every one teases SSO as he loves Mannat so much that he knows her favorite colour also. Sahil does not like seeing them happy.

SSO is happy to be back in work, he has to perform a dance number with an actress, while they dance Mannat comes and gets jealous about it.

In the precap, PN is telling Mannat that Shivaay and Anika’s death anniversary is there and ask about her parents, she tells them her father’s name is Pramod Khurana. Sahil is shocked to hear this name.