Kundali Bhagya 11th September 2018 Written Update of Full Episode: Karan And Rishabh Are Granted Bail
Photo Credit: Zee TV/ Episode Stills

Today's episode of Kundali Bhagya starts with Karan and Rishabh both getting bail owing to Preeta's testimony. The Luthras thank Preeta. Srishti learns that it was Sarla who asked Preeta to help Karan.

The luthras request Sarla and family to come to the Luthra house. Sherlin and Moonisha shout at Prithvi for not being careful with Preeta. Prithvi blames Sherlin for coming to the party that night.

Prithvi comes to the Sarla house but finds it locked. He understands that they are at Luthra house. At the Luthra house, Kareena speaks to Sherlin and says that Preeta has done so much for the family and asked her not to hate Preeta.(Also Read: Rishabh And Karan Are Taken to Court For Their Hearing)

Sherlin feels nauseatic and runs to the washroom. Kritika follows her and finds her vomiting. She wonders if Karan and Preeta were right. Karan and Rishabh speak about Preeta, and they speak about their feelings for her.

Preeta walks in suddenly. Kritika also comes and tells them that Sherlin is vomiting. They decide to take her to the hospital.