Tinaa Dattaa's Tragic Story About an Abusive Relationship Will Break Your Heart- Read Details
Tinaa Datta (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Popularly known as Ichcha from Uttaran, Tinaa Datta is one of the well- known faces in telly world. Tinaa, who has been a part of the industry since quite some time, recently opened up about her relationship status and how she never wishes to get married to an actor since she has seen a lot of marriages in the telly world fall apart. The actress was seeing someone for five years until she broke up with him in 2015.

Revealing heartbreaking details about the relationship, Tinaa was quoted by Bombay Times saying, "I was in a relationship with a non-industry guy for five years. We had met through common friends. But I called time on it, because he was extremely abusive, verbally and physically. I would get bashed up even in front of my friends. I went bonkers to an extent that my confidence took a beating." Tina Datta Goes Bold and Badass: Posing with Nude Model to Rocking Thigh-High Slit Gown, Uttaran Actress Does it All.

She did have a hard time coping after that and now, the actress wants to settle down and get married for the good. "I want to settle down and not go about having affairs and then nursing heartbreaks. I have always wanted a love marriage, but God is not sending anyone my way. I don’t want to marry someone from the industry, especially an actor, as the relationship will be marred by insecurities. I have seen several failed marriages between actors," she added further. Well, we hope that you find the man of your dreams, Tinaa.