Don't Break Marriage on Petty Issues: Goa Governor Mridula Sinha Urges Students
Goa Governor Mridula Sinha (Photo Credit: IANS)

Panji, July 7: Goa Governor Mridula Sinha on Saturday administered a five-pronged pledge to students passing out of Goa University and gave them some suggestions for their personal life. Sinha urged students to take an oath that they will not break their marriage on petty issues. The Governor is also the chancellor of universities in the state.

"A marriage is not compulsory, but necessary. Once married, you will not break the relationship on small reasons. You will strive to make the marriage lasting and happy. You will strive for mutual respect towards each other," Sinha said while addressing the 30th convocation of the Goa University. She also suggested setting up a pre- wedding counselling centre in the Goa University.

"There is a need to set up a pre-marriage counselling (centre) for the youth in the Goa University. The youth should know how to run a family," she said. "If they have any questions related to marriage, they can be answered (at the counselling centre) and this will help them lead a successful married life," the Governor added.

In the second promise, Sinha asked students not to send their parents to old age homes. In the third promise, she appealed to the youth to fight against any injustice meted out to women. She further asked students to keep their surrounding clean. Sinha also appealed to the youth to not fall prey to any kind of banned substance or intoxicants.