You never know what life has stored for you. But you can definitely make a career in a field which you loved the most. If you have the guts, passion and skills, you can do anything in life.

We came across one rising talent Johan Feder who we feel is a complete package when it comes to music and acting. He is excellent in singing-songwriting, and with handsome looks, he is a complete man who can look perfect as an actor on the silver screen. Johan Feder's skills don't end here; he is a web designer, iOS developer, 3d animation and founder of the fastest-growing digital marketing agency.

Johan Feder always wanted to do something artistic from his childhood. He started playing the piano when he was ten, and at 17 he was PRO in guitar playing too. He was having all the skills from his childhood but very shy from the heart. Johan is also a PRO programmer and CEO of a company.

Johan's latest song got lots of love from different parts of the world; his song 'Shipwrecked' was a super hit as it hit all the charts top list. His voice in this song blends beautifully, and it looked terrific in song.

Being a french sing a song in English and that too with such beauty is impressive only a few talents like Johan can achieve it.

It all started with if and buts; now he has made a strong start of his musical career with his first hit song in the music industry. We feel Johan even can become a renowned actor as he has incredible looks which can look perfect on the silver screen.

This 24-year-old actor-musician is a bright talent, and we feel he is going to reach many highs in life. We are expecting one more music album from Johan in September as Coronavirus tension eases a bit in the country.