Mumbai Rains 2018: Weather & Monsoon Prediction for This Year
Mumbai Monsoons

Rainfall in the city is a dreaded thing especially for those commuting longer distances. The traffic jams, the waterlogging in different spots and the disruption of railway services is the ultimate displeasure of Mumbai monsoons. Although this year, there is a prediction by Skymet weather that entire country will experience a normal monsoon, giving a huge sigh of relief to the people and the agricultural population. That being said, Mumbaikars are still hoping that the monsoons won't get too much to handle. Especially with the clouds looming over the city already. Mumbai rains can be enjoyable as well as turn out to be a disaster real quick.

While the city awaits a little respite from the heat, the monsoons could be here by the first or second week of June. The monsoons will hit the Southern state of Kerala on May 29, three days before the actual date according to the India Meterological Department (IMD). The current winds and gloom covering the city of Mumbai are due to the Mekunu cyclone. There was an expressed possibility of little drizzle over the city in the next 2-3 days. The coastal areas of Maharashtra and Goa have been warned and asked to stay away from the sea. An IMD representative was quoted to Mumbai Mirror, “The conditions are partly cloudy today due to south-west winds. No rainfalls are predicted today. The temperature has been brought down slightly due to the cloudy conditions.” Skymet Weather also said that there would be no expected drought or deficient rainfall.

In April this year, the IMD predicted a normal monsoon with normal distribution and quantity of rainfall across the country with 96 percent of the long period average with a model error of plus or minus five percent. The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation has already begun their work bracing for the monsoons. The cleanup activities, potholes fixing is all underway and completed in some parts of the city, while final stage work is being done in other parts. The BMC has also assured that the ongoing metro work will not be affected due to the rain. Let us hope, Mumbaikars do not have any unpleasant situation in this year's monsoons.