BJP Leader Gopal Bhargav's Shocker: 'Vastu Behind Death of 32 Party MLAs in Madhya Pradesh’
BJP Leader Gopal Bhargav (Photo Credits: ANI)

Bhopal, January 16: In a bizarre statement, a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader from Madhya Pradesh on Thursday blamed "Vastu" behind the deaths of party MLAs in the last few years. BJP leader Gopal Bhargav said that Vastu has become "Shaastra (weapon)" as well as science. Pointing over deaths of 32 MLAs in Madhya Pradesh in last 15 to 16 years, if things have an effect then this should be looked into. Year-Ender 2019 on Motormouth Politicians: From Pragya Thakur to Azam Khan, List of 5 Indian Netas Who Sparked Controversies With Their Remarks.

"In the last 15-16 yrs, around 32 of our MLAs (in MP) have died. 'Vaastu' has today become 'shaastra' as well as science. All I want to say is that if these things have an effect & there's no extra expense, then this should be looked into," Bhargav was quoted as saying by news agency ANI.

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This is not the first time that Bhargav has sparked a row. Earlier, the BJP leader had heavily criticised the Congress government over the inclusion of eggs in the mid-day meals in Madhya Pradesh saying that eggs will make children cannibals. He also attacked Chief Minister Kamal Nath and claimed that kids were being forced to eat eggs and meat.