An online platform, Craqit has joined the Indian digital market with the sole idea of building a community of artists and art lovers from performing and visual arts space. While the digital world already offers platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, etc., Craqit has changed the game rules by offering a platform that only publishes curated professional content with unique benefits for the community members. A lot of creative and premium quality work gets lost on other platforms due to competition from unrelated content, or lack of presentation. That’s why Craqit is an invitation based global platform that onboards only professional and high-potential artists who are generating original content. "We provide holistic support to these artists helping them own their unique spot in the industry. From converting their raw work to presentable digital content to connecting them with genuine art lovers, organizers, and hiring managers, we open more doors for them." says a source.

Craqit has come up with an innovative idea of directly connecting veterans of the industry from various art fields with artists from their community. The initiative named MasterConnect features celebrities including Satish Kaushik, Usha Uthup, and M.K. Raina among others where they talk about their journeys, training, challenges faced, and views on the industry. “The idea behind MasterConnect is to help young professional artists make the right career decisions, drawing inspiration and guidance from veterans in the field. We have put together this series of interviews, where veterans and celebrities talk about their journey, craft, processes, and the vision for their art form,” says the source.