Enlightened Self and enlightened teams

To better understand yourself, at the neurological, the psychological, and social levels is to work more effectively to your own goals, and those of your team.

Erin McConlogue is a social entrepreneur and founder of Lumiere Sciences, a tech-education platform delivering collaboration-focussed, Corporate Team empowering professional development, founded on validated scientific research. 

Erin’s background is in conflict management and has global experience of working on intercultural peace projects. She is particularly inspired by the Da Vinci quote “Where the spirit is not at work, there is not art”. As the quote continues, “[Nature] has no effect without cause nor invention without necessity”, indicating Erin’s drive to pursue that which makes a positive impact, honouring life and seeking ‘Light’ or enlightenment. 

Lumiere Sciences’ methodology

The educational programmes are lead by Erin’s team of experts in their fields of coaching and engagement, and seek to empower Corporate Teams in particular by exploring what Erin calls ‘The 7 Roles Framework’. Research indicates that a successful team requires the full contribution of 7 roles: Prophet; Implementor; Conceptualizer; Luminary; Investor; Organizer; and, Team Builder. All 7 of these conceptual roles exist within us all, with different weightings, and the programme facilitates a voyage of self-discovery to explore these roles within yourself and your team. This includes identifying strengths and weakness, and how team members complement one another to deliver maximum effectiveness.

The 7 Roles Framework has been rolled out at Google, Slack and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to support group dynamic harmonization, and personal and team growth, which produces the natural bi-products of increased sales, workforce retention and improved return on investment (ROI).

Erin also leads an international symposium called ‘Lumiere Talks’ which highlights impressive leaders around the world in an interactive forum, the next listed for 25th February. This interfaces with Lumiere Sciences’ unique 10W function. 10W allows for the nomination of 10 women in each selected global city to publish an article on their stories, their inspirations and experiences. This select group also benefits from exclusive leadership development sessions and mentoring programme. 

A broader goal that Erin is pursuing through Lumiere Sciences is the exciting development of virtual Bluezones. Bluezones are geographical areas with high levels of key indicators of personal, public and social health and interconnectivity. Erin is developing virtual Bluezones connecting goal-oriented leaders and teams to others with similar targets. Virtual Bluezones are customised to facilitate particular development, from Enhancing Remote Effectiveness to Establishing Long-term Wellbeing, as well as many others.

Casting a light on Lumiere’s future

Erin, and Lumiere’s achievements already are significant. Erin has not only grown the Lumiere Talks international women’s symposium to a global player, led Lumiere Sciences to become a 6 figure business within 12 months of launch, been identified as one of Global Dale Carnegie’s Top 10 saleswomen for 2017/18, but has started the first Taekwondo programme for children’s empowerment in Jaffa, Israel as well as in Mozambique and New York.

2021 is going to be another important year for Lumiere. Erin will be launching a new SaaS e-learning platform to scale training in the 7 Roles Framework, and doubling the team of training facilitators as well as designing an online facilitators certification programme.

At the heart of what Erin does is teach and train, and so further presentations await. Erin will continue to host the quarterly Lumiere Talks conferences, as well as delivering a keynote address on the Neuroscience of Motivation.

Erin and Lumiere Sciences are ones to watch for 2021, as well as further in the future as greater awareness of Erin’s approach influences thinking and the leading businesses’ activity for the foreseeable future.