Growing up in his home state of Sinaloa, Mexico, Misael Guerrero spent much of his childhood working and cooking in his parents’ grocery stores and restaurants. Surrounded by food influence, Misael stuck to his roots when he moved to California 12 years ago. Through his first food-related business endeavors, Misael knew he wanted to bring a taste of home to the United States

Starting small, Misael first started selling tamales outside of a swap meet for over a year. Having a lack of knowledge about permits, Misael had to stop selling tamales after being ticketed by his city, and so he looked elsewhere for inspiration. Misael made a massive realization that one of the biggest delicacies of Sinaloa, Mexican-style sushi, was sold nowhere around him, and decided to take it upon himself to bring this dish to California.

Misael began selling Mexican sushi from his garage and quickly built a consumer base due to his popularity as a tamale salesman. Fans of his food spread the word about Misael’s new food business, and his small garage-based sushi house was booming. Misael eventually made the move to his first restaurant in Rialto, California, and CulichiTown was born.

The restaurant has been a great success since its opening weekend. Using ingredients purchased directly from Sinaloa to deliver authentic flavor to his customers, Misael puts emphasis on the overall experience, thoroughly training staff to ensure that “the taste is 100 percent Culichi”.

Since Misael’s humble beginnings, his business has grown from his garage into a successful CulichiTown franchise, boasting 15 different locations across the United States with more being planned for this year and the years to come. Misael Guerrero, the main character of a true success story, plans to continue to grow the brand he has built from nothing, and keep bringing an authentic Sinaloan experience to people across the nation.

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