IIT Madras Mess Gets Separate Entry Gates, Utensils For Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Students; Row Over Move On Campus
A representational image of IIT Madras, collaged with the notice posted at the mess. | Image Courtesy: Facebook.

Chennai, December 14: India’s premier-most tech institute – IIT Madras – has come up with a controversial move, in which they have opened separate entrances and set up separate wash basins in their canteen mess for students having vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.

With this move, a situation of unrest has been created among a section of students, who have called this move as ‘untouchability’. Sharing the image of the notice, Ambedkar Periyar Study Circle (APSC) – a student body in IIT Madras – have condemned the move. Non-Veg Food is 'Not Banned' in IIT Bombay.

Sharing the image of the notice on Facebook – posted on the walls of the second floor of the Himalaya mess building – APSC wrote, “Upper-caste households in India would usually have two entrances - one for the upper castes and the other one in the back for the 'impure' lower castes. A mess in IIT Madras is now having the same system. This mess has two separate entrances for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Not just that - separate wash basins and separate utensils as well. What started as a demand for 'pure' vegetarian mess has become full-fledged untouchability. IIT Madras is trying to become a world-class institute, but the culture inside is still regressive in many aspects!”

According to the report, published in The New Indian Express, the news is confirmed and is operational. The daily points out that due to the vacation, RR North Indian mess on the second floor is operating and following the instructions that were issued by the mess monitoring committee.