New Delhi, Feb 3: The job market is set to become more competitive this year as three in four Indian professionals are likely to consider changing jobs or actively look for a new role in the next 12 months, according to LinkedIn Job Seeker research. Based on 1,016 survey responses, findings show that three out of four Indian professionals will actively look for a new job in 2021.

India remains resilient towards career growth as two in three (64 per cent) professionals say they are confident about their future progression while two in five think attending networking events (38 per cent), and investing in online learning (37 per cent) will be critical to landing a job in 2021, it noted. Looking for Job? Hiring Set to Bounce Back in 2021, Says

There is a sense of professional uncertainty and worry among Indian professionals as the job market continues to get more competitive in 2021, the research said adding that more than one-third of job seekers in India are worried about too many recruitment stages, and extensively long application documents, while three in four professionals say they have reservations about networking.

LinkedIn has launched the 2021 ‘Jobs on the Rise' India list to empower professionals with critical insights about the dynamic jobs landscape. The list looks at 15 fastest-growing career opportunities that have seen the highest year-on-year growth rates in hiring based on LinkedIn data for the time frame of April to October 2020.

"This year's Jobs on the Rise India list is a reflection of how the work ecosystem and the jobs market rapidly changed in 2020. Digital transformation has continued to drive all industries, and both, tech and non-tech roles have shifted to meet the needs of a new collaborative, remote work culture," said Ruchee Anand, Director - Talent and Learning Solutions, India, at LinkedIn.

Anand further noted that "the list shows us that audience builders and content creators are key to brands, HR continues to be at the heart of all operations, user and customer experience are critical in the new online world of service, and emerging tech, especially ed-tech, continues to boom."

The top 15 career trends as per the Jobs on the Rise 2021 India list include freelance content creators, social media and digital marketing roles, finance roles, education roles, artificial intelligence roles, data science roles, healthcare roles and human resources roles, among others.

The research further noted that freelance content creators, marketing, and social media and digital marketing roles will present broader opportunities for the workforce in 2021. Besides, specialised roles in engineering, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and data science will continue to attract recruiter interest as we head deeper into a digital-first future.

Further, finance, education, healthcare, and e-commerce roles are expected to gain popularity in the job market this year, while the disruption of COVID-19 has fuelled demand for customer services roles as brands navigate customer concerns and adapt to how they deliver their services online, the research said adding that "lifelong learning will keep talent ahead of the curve".