Mumbai Cyber Fraud: Woman Cheated of Rs 40,000 While Trying to Sell Used Electronic Items on an Online Classified App
Cyber Attack. (Photo Credit: IANS)

Mumbai, October 17: A Mumbai woman was duped of Rs 40,000 while she posted an ad to sell her used electronic items including- toaster, mixer grinder, and washing machine. According to a Times of India report, the person named Anil Sharma called her and showed her an interest to buy the goods. He said he runs a shop and therefore would buy the products advertised by the woman. Beware of Fake Users! Things to Keep in Mind While Buying or Selling Things On Sites Like OLX And Quikr.

He sounded very polite and asked the woman to mark the products as sold. He asked the woman the price which she has quoted for the items. When the cyber fraud victim said that the price for all the goods is Rs 20,000, he agreed to pay the amount via Google Pay. However, the woman didn't have a Google Pay account, but he insisted that he would help her. OTP Fraud on The Rise: Fraudsters Dupe Lakhs From People Across India; Here's All You Must Know.

In order to look genuine, he transferred Rs 10 first and sent her a barcode. Immediately after scanning the barcode, the woman received a message from her bank that Rs 20,000 has been debited from her account twice. Dadar police have registered a case.