Delhi Teen Kills Mother, Father And Sister; Police Say He Was Addicted to Online Game
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New Delhi, October 12: A teenager from Delhi has been arrested for allegedly killing his family members and the police have said that he was allegedly addicted to online multiplayer battle game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, popularly known as PUBG. The accused has been identified as Sarnam Verma, who killed his mother Siya, father Mithilesh and sister in the early hours of Wednesday. To hide the crime, Sarnam made the house look like a robbery case, but was later arrested by police on the same evening. Delhi Triple Murder: Teen Arrested for Killing Parents, Sister.

His relatives told police that Sarnam was a "quiet and nice" fellow but his neighbours alleged that there were frequent quarrels in the family about his bad behaviour. Sarnam was reportedly disallowed by his family members for flying kites on Independence Day, which hurt him and made him hatch a plan to teach them a lesson. He also failed in Class 12 exams and was scolded by parents. He was upset over his sister for 'leaking details of his personal life' to parents.

Prior to committing the crime, he was acting normal and even saw photo albums with his parents till midnight, said reports. When all the members went to sleep, he woke up at 3 am and first stabbed his father multiple times. He also stabbed his mother who tried to raise alarm. At last, he went to his sister's room and stabbed her in the neck. His mother came injured to her daughter's room to save her but Sarnam stabbed her and even his sister in stomach, police added.

Sarnam then tried to hide the crime and washed off his fingerprints on the knife and alerted the neighbour that it's a robbery case. During the police custody, the accused showed no signs of regrets and kept saying, ‘please save me from the law’. His parents and sister were cremated today by the relatives and they didn't request the court to allow Sarnam for last rites.

During the initial investigation, police have learned that the accused had rented a home in Mehrauli with his friends. The police said that they used to often bunk classes and would stay in the room from 7 am to 6 pm and play online multiplayer game PUBG. PUBG is a battle game where the user has to find the weapons and kill the enemies to win the multiplayer game by becoming the last person standing.