Senior Citizens Age Limit Reduced To 60 From 65, Maharashtra Govt Frames Resolution Calling For Public Humiliation Of Those Who Ill-Treat Aged Parents
Senior Citizens Representational Image (Image credits: Getty Images)

Mumbai, July 12: Treat your senior citizen parents right or be ready to face public humiliation. The Devendra Fadnavis government in Maharashtra has passed a resolution giving protection to the senior citizens in the state. The government resolution says that those who do not treat their old age parents right, their names will be added to a list, which will be made public.

Meanwhile, in more relief for the old age citizens, the Maharashtra government also reduced the senior citizen age from 65 years to 60 years. The resolution also directs the police to draw up a list of senior citizens who are living alone (without children) under every police station's limits. The police have been asked to visit them once a month to inquire about their well-being.

The resolution adds that five per cent of the beds in government hospitals attached to medical colleges will be reserved for senior citizens. Private medical colleges and hospitals run by trusts will give 50 per cent concession in treatment cost to senior citizens, says the GR.

The Maharashtra government has also issued directions to all its departments to undertake programmes and schemes for the welfare of senior citizens. According to reports, the Maharashtra government will also be sending a proposal to Centre seeking tax benefits or concessions for people to look after aged parents.