Starving Man Found Eating Dead Dog's Meat Near Jaipur, Video Goes Viral
Starving man found eating dead dog's meat near Jaipur. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Jaipur, May 23: Amid the coronavirus lockdown in the country, several videos are making the rounds where humanitarian crisis have evolved all across the country. Recently, a shocking video of a starving man allegedly eating a dead dog's meat on the Delhi-Jaipur highway has come to light, which has become viral.

According to a video, shot and uploaded by Pradhuman Singh Naruka, the man was starving for food and in a desperate attempt he allegedly started eating meat from a dead dog on the Delhi-Jaipur highway. Pradhuman says that he saw the man allegedly eating dead dog's meat on his way to Shahpur. Mangoes Worth Rs 30,000 Looted by Delhi Crowd From Street Vendor in Broad Daylight Amid Lockdown, Watch Video.

Soon he slowed down his vehicle and shouted at the man. Pradhuman asked the man to wait by the side of the road and gave him some food. Narrating the incident, Pradhuman said, "I saw this man eating an animal that might have died on the road when I was on my way to Delhi. If you see a person on your way please help them and share this video with the government as much as you can."

Here is video posted by Pradhuman on Facebook:

Following this, the video went viral and netizens have started blaming the government for not doing much to help the people in need.