We’ve all experienced some incredible tech advancements in the last two decades, and while smartphones, PCs, and gaming consoles seem to be getting most of the attention of the general public, there’s one piece of tech that’s seemingly underappreciated. We’re talking about the tablet, of course. While Apple might be killing it with each new generation of their world-famous iPads, the buzz around these incredible pieces of tech is always seemingly less than other tech marvels. If you’re interested in what makes these portable powerhouses so special, here’s the gist of it.

Kings of Gaming on the Go

The Nintendo Switch and other portable gaming consoles might be dominating right now, but tablets are still in the running. For instance, unlike most gaming consoles, tablets can run browser games. This means that the massive world of real money gaming that’s been on the rise lately is open to tablet users. Gamers that want to try their luck on games like roulette and blackjack can access top-notch online casinos such as NetBet and give the roulette wheel a hearty spin.

Other than the excellent bonuses players can snatch by playing real money games in online casinos through a tablet, they can also try out online sports betting on sport.netbet.com and track live tennis, football, and golf games, amongst others. Real money games are just a small part of what you can play on a tablet. With one visit to your tablet’s app store, you can find various types of games that easily compete with popular console titles.

For now, the most popular game stores players can dive into are the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store on Android tablets. With millions of apps and games on both of these platforms respectively, it’s safe to say that gamers can pick out popular titles from multiple genres. Currently, some of the most popular game categories that boast great titles include MMORPGs, MOBAs, and the eternal favorite – shooter games.

The Whole Multimedia Package

Gaming is just one part of what a high-quality tablet can bring to the table. There has been a massive focus on mobile lately, and since tablets are a part of the mobile family, they’ve been on the receiving end of some much-deserved attention. Video streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and others all now boast dedicated mobile apps. The kicker though, they offer a better experience on mobile than they do on other devices!

These near-essentials of the modern age combined with excellent music, video, camera, and game apps make tablets a force to be reckoned with. Since most people are already using their smartphones as their primary tech devices, why not just make an upgrade and enjoy everything you can do on your phone just on a bigger screen? 

Tablet users truly get the best of both worlds. The opportunity to use an easily portable device that’s packed with nearly all of the media features that PCs boasts can grant users total flexibility anytime, anywhere. Entertainment is as much an important part of our lives as anything else today, and no other device is as good at bringing the fun as a tablet.

Your Portable Workspace

If there is one thing tablets are great at, it’s helping you get your work done. Whether that be word processing, creating gorgeous art, or running an online advertising platform, tablets can be excellent hubs for productivity. Android and iOS already offer most of what you need when it comes to anything to do with working from your tablet, but if somehow that isn’t enough, you can turn to a tablet running Windows OS for a classic PC experience.

The number of helpful productivity apps you can find on mobile is staggering. All that’s left for you to do is use them to their full potential and make your tablet a full-fledged portable office. One other particular advantage on a tablet is the space to expand on what it already has with additional gadgets. A great example of this is a tablet pen for digital artists. This one simple gadget can transform your tablet into a canvas that’s ready and waiting for your new masterpiece.

It’s clear by now that tablets are the perfect hubs for remote working and boosting your productivity, so if your job demands a bit of flexibility, you know exactly what to turn to.