YouTube Craze? Video Shows Men Brandishing Gun on Noida Road, Police Claim They Are ‘YouTubers’
Youtubers brandishing Gun (Photo credits: Youtube/screengrab)

Noida, June 12: A video has emerged from Uttar Pradesh's Noida which shows men in two cars brandishing guns at each other. The video shows two vehicles running parallel, while another vehicle shooting the incident from behind. The police rejected the earlier reports that they were rival gangs gans and said it was allegedly shot a Youtube channel run by the men in the car. YouTube Tightens Policy to Remove Hateful, Supremacist Content.

The video had emerged on social media on Tuesday evening and became instantly viral on Facebook and Instagram. The cops said that the action will be taken against the men for creating a "nuisance". As per the Indian Law, brandishing firearms in public places illegal under the Arms Act. YouTube Bans Dangerous, Harmful Pranks Videos.

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"It was a video shoot which was allegedly being done by some people for their YouTube channel. It is not related to any robbery attempt. Suitable legal action being taken against the people appearing in the video for their act of creating nuisance in public," a police official said.

The video was shot in Karna area of Greater Noida, said a police official. “Station House Officer (SHO), Kasna, has probed the matter and it has emerged that the two sides were friends with each other and engaging in stunts. Appropriate legal action is being taken in the matter," the official said. Earlier reports suggested that the video is of rival gangs threatening each other.