Arun Jaitley Pens Another Blog, Attacks Congress Over 'Revoking Triple Talaq Bill' Promise, Says Rahul Gandhi Has Repeated Rajiv Gandhi's Mistakes
Arun Jaitley attacks Rahul Gandhi in his latest blog on Triple Talaq (Photo Credits: PTI)

Mumbai, February 8: Union Minister Arun Jaitley, who is in the United States for his treatment, has penned yet another blog post attacking the Congress. Jaitley on Friday launched an attack on the Opposition party over its promise to abolish the Triple Talaq Bill, months ahead of the Lok Sabha Elections 2019. In his blog post, Jaitley said that Congress President Rahul Gandhi was repeating the "mistakes" of his father and former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi. Triple Talaq Law Will be Abolished If We Come To Power in 2019, Says Congress.

"History has repeated itself, neither as a satire nor as a tragedy. It has repeated itself with a mindset of cruelty. The late Rajiv Gandhi committed a monumental mistake in legislatively overturning the Shah Bano judgment of the Supreme Court which guaranteed maintenance to all Muslim women. He allowed deserted women to be driven to poverty and destitution. Thirty-two years later his son has taken another retrograde step to drive them not merely into destitution but also to live a life which is an antithesis of human existence," Jaitley wrote in his blog.

He also cited recent reports of Triple Talaq and Nikah Halala in Bareilly and Sambhal district of Uttar Pradesh. "If Triple Talaq had not been a permitted mode of divorce in India, would this incident emanating from a no fault –impulsive divorce have taken place," Jaitley asked.

The Union Minister concluded by saying, "Votes are important, so is fairness. Political opportunists only look at the next day’s Headlines. Nation-builders look at the next Century."

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Jaitley's blog post comes a day after the Congress party escalated the war over the Narendra Modi government's Triple Talaq Bill ahead of Lok Sabha Elections 2019. Congress MP Sushmita Singh on Thursday said that the party will abolish the Triple Talaq law if they come to power. Dev also met the members of the women wing of Muslim Personal Law Board who "thanked her for being their collective voice in opposing criminalising Triple Talaq."