Rafale Deal: Rahul Gandhi Mocks Anil Ambani, Says ‘He Will Not be Able to Make Even a Paper Plane’
Congress president Rahul Gandhi and Reliance Defence owner Anil Ambani. (Photo Credit: Twitter/PTI)

Dehradun, March 16: Lok Sabha Election dates are in place, and with this, Congress president Rahul Gandhi’s attack on Reliance Defence’s Anil Ambani has become fierce. Mocking Ambani at his political rally in Dehradun on Sunday, Gandhi said, ‘If you give him a paper, he will not be able to make even a paper plane.’

Making his statement very clear that he is not going to leave the Rafale deal issue to cool down soon, Gandhi reiterated his commitments that he would see an end to the alleged ‘corruption’. Addressing the rally, he asked the people what makes Anil Ambani eligible that ‘PM Modi gave him a contract for making Rafale worth Rs 30,000 crore?’, while Ambani has a loan of Rs 45,000 crore to pay! BJP MP Rattan Lal Kataria Raises Bofors Scam Issue, Says 'Rahul Gandhi ka Baap to Mar Gaya...' 

Stressing on the mismanagement in assigning the ‘biggest defence contract of the world’, Gandhi questioned why was 'the price of aircraft raised from Rs 526 crore to Rs 1600 crore?' Making allegations that Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) was sidelined to profit Ambani, He said, “The UPA government had given a contract to HAL for making the fighter jets, making its terms clear about manufacturing in India. This was the biggest defence contract of the world when Narendra Modi became PM, Anil Ambani goes as part of the delegation to France, within days HAL is sidelined. Then defence minister Manohar Parrikar clearly says I don't know anything about it.”

Along with this, he recalled Monsoon Session’s debate where he questioned Narendra Modi on why jobs were ‘stolen’ and the Ambani was given the contract. Gandhi said, “In Parliament, I questioned Mr. Modi on Rafale Scam. Why was Anil Ambani given the deal? Why did you steal the job opportunities from our youth? Mr. Narendra Modi could not meet my eyes.” Rafale Deal Row: Supreme Court Reserves Order on Centre Claiming Privilege Over Leaked Documents. 

With the dates of the Lok Sabha polls are coming near, the attacks by the political parties and its leaders on each other are becoming rustier. Though the case related to the pricing is in Supreme Court and is being heard – based on CAG report – both the Congress and BJP are accusing each other of telling lies to the country people. It would be the time to tell what shape would this Rafale deal gives to parties’ benefits in polls.