Punjab: Lover Going to Meet Girlfriend on Friendship Day Gets Beaten When He Enters Wrong House
Thrash (Image used for representational purpose) (Photo credits: File Image)

Punjab, August 7: A young man in Mohali recently got beaten up by people, as he entered the wrong house, thinking it to be his girlfriend's. According to a Times of India report, he was battered and bruised when his girlfriend invited him to her house on Friendship Day, but the young man made a mistake.

The owner of the house caught the man silently entering the house, without ringing the doorbell. When asked, why was he inside the house, the man told him that he came to meet his girlfriend. Soon neighbours were called, and he was beaten black, and blue, even though he pleaded mercy by acknowledging that he did a mistake by entering the wrong house. The residents called the police and handed over the man to them.

The man was going to his girlfriend's house for the first time, and he was not familiar with the house. The police released him after he apologised for his mistake.