Raped Victims Asked to Compromise & Not File FIR, Chattisgarh Panchayat Uses Fine to Throw Mutton Party!
Sexually Assaulted (Image Credit: Stock Photos)

Raipur, July 13: In an extremely humiliating incident, a panchayat in Chhattisgarh's tribal Jashpur district forced parents of three raped girls to come to a 'compromise', and asked the accused to shell out Rs 30,000, with which they treated the entire village 'mutton'. According to a Times of India report, on July 5, when the three girls didn't return home, their parents went out looking for them.

By that time, other villagers had already found the accused raping the three girls, out of whom two were minors. While the girls along with their family members were on their way to the police station to file a complaint, they were called immediately for an urgent meet by the community heads. The father of the victim wanted to register an FIR, but the panchayat head forced him to drop the idea, and they came to a 'compromise.'

The panchayat fined the three accused Rs 10,000 each, and with the amount they invited the entire village for a mutton party. The rest of the money was also equally distributed among 45 people of the community. The Sarpanch defended his actions by blaming the victim as well. He was quoted as saying, "The girls and boys were found in a compromising position, and they apologised for their mistake. The girls' family willingly agreed to the compromise.