Discovery Channel, in the past decade, has gained mass popularity for its flagship one week-long program - Shark Week that is in itself a pop culture phenomenon known for its shark-themed concepts and promotions related to unique and successful consumer products. Every summer, this trendy, informative, and eccentric program pairs up with a variety of brands with delicious promotional products to chum the waters of commerce. 

Talking of the recent collaborations for this quirky venture, Shark Week featured Bright Kingdom Development’s (BKD) five items (and more to come) that are taking over USA Amazon! The merchandise line was launched on 28 June 2021 comprising a Megalodon-sized line of shark playsets. These playsets include various shark species and diver figures, rafts, boats, and other applicable accessories. Where BKD has been selected for this international brand in the past, this year it made a major push into, featuring yet again an array of products that are designed to grab mass public attention. These include Rescue Boat Adventure Playset, Mega Shark Expedition Playset, Deep Ocean Explorer Combo Playset, and Rescue Transport Truck Playset, 20 Pieces Premium Collectable Playset.

Bright Kingdom Development (BKD), established in 1996, has been committed to offering innovative, imaginative, and smart products by capturing the essence of present play trends along with always being one step ahead and exploring the possibilities in the arena. Having successfully delivered their promise to the costumes with their vast range of products, BKD has even become one of Discovery Shark Week’s veteran partners.

The 2021 range of products is incorporate new and better designs with multiple features such as the sensory skills and role-play in its Rescue Boat Adventure Toy Playset with Action Figure Lights Sounds Sharks Divers Cage; pretend play and educational characteristic in its Collectable Shark Toys; lights & sound and open-end play in the Rescue Transport Truck Toy Playset amongst other significant features. To top that BKD also became the preferred partner at Amazon, which is a phenomenal opportunity for the company as it is going to be a multi-million dollar investment for years to come. Having listed in this category, is in itself a moment of achievement and will, without a doubt, shape the future of the company in dominating the industry. To know more about the 2021 range of BKD’s Discovery Shark Week products, and can be visited.

What’s interesting is that the range is eco-friendly and made with environmental-friendly PVC to promote the cause and bring awareness concerning the global environmental crisis. Not only that, but BKD has also made sure to design the products ergonomically and infuse them with a boatload of creatively constructed features that heighten children's imagination, memorization, sensory skills & motor and ideation.