He was born in Iran, Tehran City in 1984. He spent Undergraduate Degree at the Islamic Azad University Semnan Branch in “Production Management” field. In addition, He spent his Master's degree in the Islamic Azad University of Semnan Branch in “Production Management” field.

After receiving his degree, he plans to continue his education. He is working hard to be admitted to a top university.

He is a successful businessman, working for a famous company factory named “Irandoosh”. He works as a sales manager and also a member of management council. He has a number of duties to perform, such as planning for better sale, having relationship with customers.

As his university major is related to his job, he is pretty well-informed and really competent at his job and also highly experienced of around 15 years. He knows all ins and outs of his job.

The best thing about his job is the benefit package by the company he works for. Regular pay rise and excellent promotion prospects are also considerable. This job is money making and brings him great satisfaction. He must prefer to work on a team. Collaborative work offers him a great opportunity to broaden his horizons and to learn from others. He enjoys working with skillful and experienced people in a group. He needs to be creative, as being able to think outside the box is vital to this job. In addition, it is important to spend much more time and imperative to be a team player.

With the modernization of society, people moved away from the simple tools and methods of their time and music took on a different form and image. As technology advanced with digital audio systems, music production took on new dimensions. Today, the variety of music has increased and people can choose different styles of music and listen to a wide range of music.

A large part of music has a positive effect on people's thinking. Music has a direct relationship with all the arts (painting, photography, writing, etc.). Everyone needs music, even in the form of a hobby that is defined in sociology today as a natural and important human need. Pluralism in music is one of the main factors in people's desire to make it pervasive. The music reflects the culture of a society and the culture of a nation reflects its music.

Artists, especially poets, have often been pioneers and influencers of social, political, and cultural developments. Due to having a different way of thinking, the creator, having an artistic taste, has always better understood the pain of society and has spoken about the problems and difficulties of the day in the form of poetry and music. Music originates from the feelings of people, so it simply affects the feelings of others.

Sociology of music is a branch of sociology that deals with the interactions and relations between music and society at different levels. The culture production approach emphasizes how the social environment influences the rapid change of cultural content. The impact of music on the younger generation is usually greater than other sections of society; People's favorite music style can also reflect that person's cultural class. Therefore, the style of clothing, dialect, behavior, etc. shows the degree of the deep connection between culture and music. With its movement among different nations, music also carries its own culture and integrates it with the culture and music of that region, and in this way, it influences the culture of that border and environment in a radical and slow way.

Social songs are songs that accompany a movement for social change; These songs can include traditional, classic, modern styles such as rap and any style. The lyrics of protest songs are often accompanied by social movements such as women's rights, racism, poverty, unemployment, social justice, torture and violence, war and love of the land, and so on.

Protest music sometimes targets politicians and criticizes the behavior of a certain class of people; If music had the opportunity to speak freely, perhaps underground music would not have spread so much that sometimes in some pieces morality is abandoned and obscenity and insult are done in it.

Rap music is known in the world as protest music. When society is declining and moving towards moral decline, the design of these issues can be considered as ugliness. The normalization of the use of vulgar words means cultural decline. According to this style, it can be said that the foundation of rap music is based on violence, drug use, illegitimate relationships and socio-political protests, and there is concern that this process is a bedrock for increasing the number of addictions and, consequently, degrading and humiliating the nation.

Music and poetry have the ability to have an emotional impact and create a physical effervescence in the listener and can certainly be a strong stimulus for movements. In Iran, protest songs cover various aspects, and at each stage, a new generation of composers with different styles have entered the field with social, political and civil protests; For example, we can refer to the ‘Jomeh’ song with the voice of Farhad Mehrad, which was composed by Shahriar Ghanbari. Most of Farhad's songs have a protest colour and smell, and these works still remain in public recognition. He also sang the song ‘Vahdat’ in Bahman 57, at the same time as the victory of the Revolution. Other prominent artists who have worked in the field of protest music include Professor Mohammad Reza Shajarian and Fereydoun Foroughi. Shajarian sang the song ‘Morgh Sahar’ which is one of the protest pieces. Foroughi sang the elementary school song sung by Mansour Tehrani after the events of 1378. This song became one of the main songs of the student movement.

Protest music is perhaps the most accurate concept of the music of concern, and it presents socio-political problems to the audience.

At present, we do not have protest music in Iran and we cannot have it. When it is said that we do not have protest music, it means that we do not have as much protest music as social needs. Today, it is appropriate for us to have protest music and for artists to be free so that they can present the words, problems and problems of the people with their own works of art. This will not happen due to censorship, atmosphere and pressure. Given these circumstances, artists usually prefer not to fall into this category. Today, some artists have made efforts and published works, but these efforts do not meet the needs of society and the number of works is small. The problems and dilemmas of a permanent society are repeated throughout history and do not end. Injustice, injustices against the people have always been and still are. When we hear a protest action over a period of time, it cannot be specific to that period, and the problems referred to are always repeated throughout history; A song or a musical work is forbidden at all times and therefore lasts. Protest song styles do not matter if they are pop, traditional or classical, but they are all influential and different sections of society are subject to different music.