Fashion week in Paris has sadly come to an end but at least it finished with a spectacular bang as fashion designers Michael Lombard and Michael Cinco rocked the runway with their roaring collections.

These stand-out collections undoubtedly made their mark during one of the most important weeks in the fashion industry calendar. Celebrity fashion designer Michael Lombard and Michael Cinco both exhibited their collections in the iconic American Cathedral in Paris. A perfectly fitting backdrop for such a divine celebration of style and fashion.

Lombard’s Intergalactic Psychedelic Collection brings a fresh and uplifting joy during these unprecedented times. His colour palette is vivacious and his use of dramatic silhouettes is innovative which paints a contrasting picture to the more ordinary and traditional collections exhibited this season.

Lombard’s designs are modern, edgy, and larger-than-life, just like the designer himself. The collection itself, which draws inspiration from otherworldly silhouettes and mystical colour schemes, has travelled from one continent to continent. The Lombard style is instantly recognisable as it transcends across borders.

Many of Lombard’s pieces blur the line between avant garde and ready to wear, making his latest collection of garments incredibly fashion forward and fun. A highlight from this immaculate showing by Lombard was the bright green leather look. If any colour has made a comeback this year it’s definitely all shades of green. Although his looks are powerful and bold, he uses his styling to bring an element of playfulness to the collection.

Prior WWE star turned fashion model, Danielle Moinet, was a show stopping moment. Her beautiful complexion and hair was the perfect pairing for Lombard’s head-to-toe golden leather outfit. The jacket alone is a statement in itself, however, paired with the matching shorts and knee high boots, Michael Lombard is announcing himself as a designer that’s not to be messed with.

Another prominent designer exhibiting his looks at Paris City Fashion Week was Michael Cinco. The Filipino designer, best-known for his chic couture gowns, also wowed the audience with his display of creativity and use of vivid colours. His elegant gowns resemble intricate works of arts, each crafted with an acute attention to detail and designed with the female body in mind.

The global pandemic brought the whole world to a near standstill, including the fashion industry. However, it also catalysed a great return for creativity and design as runway shows have never been so eclectic and vivid. It seems like everyone has realised that there is no time like the present. Life is for living, and whether you’re heading to town in your bright leather jacket, or attending a gala in a couture gown, you should never be afraid of dressing to the nines.