Raising capital for a startup or small business is without question one of the most challenging aspects of growing a business. The stories always include entrepreneurs and small business owners becoming both frustrated and discouraged by the amount of time it takes to secure capital, the rejections they endure, and the lack of linearity and progress checkpoints over the course of the fundraising process. There are so many barriers to entry, such as set-up costs, starting investment in capacity, and working capital.

So how can an entrepreneur level the playing field, mitigate the balance of power and accelerate the fundraising process? By using Investr Cap, which was founded by Solly Assa and Sam Gabbay.

Investr Cap is undergoing a soft launch soon, and it is giving people the opportunity to showcase their ideas and potentially receive proper fundraising. The whole approach is grassroots, meaning all efforts are local and intimate between both parties. Being entrepreneurs themselves, Solly Assa and Sam Gabbay noticed that there's a lack of opportunities, tools, and access to capital for budding entrepreneurs. Solly Assa is not only a real estate entrepreneur for Assa Properties, but also the Chairman and Cofounder for Investr Cap. Solly partnered with Sam Gabbay, the CEO, who has been building out this concept for years. He has crafted it in a way where there are security checks to make sure the idea and founders are credible, created business plans and non-disclosures so ideas aren’t compromised, and developed the platform so it is automated from end to end. Gabbay architected the platform to ensure that Investr Cap serves as a one-stop shop for all things raising capital and securing investors. On the investor side, there are a lot of pipeline checks in gaining visibility into the portfolio of the company, founder details, and financial details. Recently, Investr Cap was showcased at the ARTech event, hosted by Solly Assa, at Cassa Hotel and Residences. ARTech was the real estate event of the year that combined real estate, art, food, and tech in a compelling direction. The food was sponsored by the iconic Butter Restaurant. The ARTech event was filled with innovation and creation, so it was natural that Investr Cap sponsored the event. Lately, Cassa NY was featured on Jerusalem Post for it’s elegance and attention to high profile celebrities. 

The business value for Investr Cap is that it is a platform that brings together businesses looking to receive an investment for their ideas and investors with capital, making it easier to showcase starting and growing ventures. The platform enables founders to pitch innovative products and services to a pool of successful and active investors. Only the most compelling and disruptive ideas are showcased. Unlike crowdfunding, Investr Capital connects Entrepreneurs directly to investors, keeping the connection private, secure and non-invasive. With Investr Cap, a business can add your pitch for investors to see, chat directly with investors, upload photos and videos, and see relevant notifications. Overall, it helps democratize financial resources to startups who are just in the beginnings of their entrepreneurial journey. 

As an entrepreneur himself, Solly Assa, the CEO of Assa Properties, built his career on not only anticipating change, but also leading it. He disrupts conventional methods of real estate, by bringing in fresh new innovative perspectives. As a way to give back to the entrepreneurial community, Assa kick started this venture with Sam Gabbay. Solly Assa is someone who embodies the American Dream and wants others to experience it as well. For him, he sees Investr Cap has a way to make the world a better place for entrepreneurs. 

To get into granular details on the backend of Investr Cap, the mobile app experience allows entrepreneurs the opportunity to view an Investor’s profile. The entrepreneur can make a decision on who is best to suit his company based on an investors profile. Moreover, they can view history, and a list of companies and the fields an investor excels in the most. Investr Cap holds the highest regard towards security. Before an Investor is allowed to view a pitch, they ensure that there is protection of the Entrepreneurs businesses with a Non-Disclosure agreement. The pitches they present to investors go through a vetting process by one of our analysts or bank partners. This will ensure that the information on investors viewing is accurate. All touchpoints on the application are seamless. With just a tap of a finger, you can register your interest in a pitch or co-invest with a group of people you know. With another tap, you can schedule a meeting with an Entrepreneur. Throughout the process, you are kept up to date with notifications coming through every step of the way. Lastly, an entrepreneur has the opportunity to view an Investor’s profile: history, and a list of companies and fields an investor excels in the most. 

As you can see, Solly Assa and his team have created a revolutionary, first of its kind platform that aims to bridge the gap between Investor and Entrepreneur, making it easier to showcase growing ventures.