To bring a change, one must be the change. No milestone is achieved by simply being in the comfort zone. It’s all about chasing dreams and following a passion. Focusing on the process rather than the outcome, businessman Suhel Vats took the risk of parting from engineering and decided to start Big Muscles Nutrition. The food supplement brand is a leading name in India, and overseas that is preferred by a majority of fitness enthusiasts. 

The idea of setting up Big Muscles Nutrition came into existence when Mr Vats worked for two years in a tech company. Rather than securing a job with a B.Tech degree, he wanted to bring a revolution in the fitness industry. It rightly happened when the food supplement company got incorporated in 2009. The fitness and wellness entrepreneur after thorough market research tapped a potential in the wellness industry. Chasing dreams and taking calculated risks saw Suhel leave his comfortable and secured job to build an empire of his own.

Big Muscles Nutrition offer diverse products like whey proteins, mass gainers, amino acids, pre-workout and post-workout essentials and many other supplements. Matching the international standards, all the products of the brand are registered by the FDA and approved by FSSAI. Suhel’s experience as a businessman needs to be applauded as this gentleman has rightly turned the tables with this successful brand.

Having celebrated names from the fitness industry like Sushil Kumar endorsing the brand. However, the quality and authenticity are one important aspect that has seen Big Muscles Nutrition become a household name amongst all the gym-goers. “Since day one, the goal of the company was to offer quality and not focus on numbers. I believe when you offer the best quality products, the monetary numbers follow”, stated Mr Vats.

All the products launched by Big Muscles Nutrition have international FDA registered and FSSAI Approved.

The food supplement brand has today built a reputation that is class beyond comparison. Bollywood star Ranveer Singh has been the face of the company since 2018, and Suhel’s idea on fitness industry has hit the bullseye with the brand products being the most preferred ones among all. As an entrepreneur, he has not only earned revenues but has also imparted knowledge about the need for supplements in day-to-day life.