On days when Cara Delevingne isn't winning praises on the ramp, she's busy with her acting career. A name that itself exudes all the charming vibes, Cara is a fashionista always on the roll. She's either strutting in style on the red carpet or simply turning a muse for many designers. In any case, she has to go hand-in-hand with fashion and she wouldn't like to have it any other way. Cara's upbeat fashion arsenal is always a talking point in Hollywood and her unusual choices deserve all your attention. Cara Delevingne Says 'Will Always Remain Pansexual, He or She, I’ll Fall in Love with the Person’.

Give her a choice and she will never pick a girly silhouette. She, in fact, loves blending her love for power dressing with modern designs and cuts. While black remains her all-time favourite, she won't hesitate from picking an all lavender suit and flaunt the same on a red carpet. Cara's ambitious and unconventional wardrove resonates with her persona and her fashion choices are in sync with what she believes in and how she likes to present herself ideally. From nude dresses to sheer outfits, there has to be a bold element in her outfit and anything without it takes a backseat. Cara Delevingne’s California Property Trespasser Arrested, Police Helicopter Tracked the Suspect.

As the supermodel turned actress gears up for her birthday celebration, we pick some of her iconic red carpet moments that will continue mesmerising us forever and ever. Have a look...

In Balmain

Cara Delevingne (Photo Credits: Instagram)

In Dior 

Cara Delevingne (Photo Credits: Instagram)

In Iris van Herpen

Cara Delevingne (Photo Credits: Instagram)

In Tom Ford

Cara Delevingne (Photo Credits: Instagram)

In Versace

Cara Delevingne (Photo Credits: Instagram)

In Saint Laurent

Cara Delevingne (Photo Credits: Instagram)

In Bruberry

Cara Delvingne (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Cara's red carpet affair has always been so scintillating. She likes dishing out styles that aren't everyone's cup of tea. She has a certain aura around her, the one that has the ability to intimidate you. With her sharp eyes and even sharper dressing skills, Cara's able to woo our hearts time and again. On her special day, we'd like to wish her tons of laughter and an amazing and exciting year ahead.

Happy Birthday, Cara Delvingne!

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