From chopped chic look to long swinging hair, today, women can segway seamlessly from their chic to glamourous side in a matter of minutes. Be it the runways or sports fields, hair extensions have successfully taken over the industry by storm. True magic begins when these hair extensions are invisible, unlike the old methods with exposed bonds and adhesives. While the growing love for a voluminous and natural look has been popping up in the industries, it has equally magnified the opportunities for the stylists to show their wizardry.

When we talk about invisible hair extensions, Mckenzie Turley, founder of Invisible Bead Extensions, is one of the thriving specialists who is known for introducing the bead-less extension flip up in the cosmetology world. Raised the youngest of 4 girls, she was no stranger to the world of hair and beauty. Involved in pageants and worked as a performer and professional singer in the past, she realized how feeling confident is somehow derived from our appearances.

Rising as a founder of Invisible Bead Extensions, Turley's approaches remind us how innovation and staying educated in the industry are of utmost importance. As she was well acquainted with the idea of "flawed methodologies" and "aimless tutorials'' that existed in the cosmetology world, she drove her passion for creating a better platform for stylists to learn about invisible hair extensions and how they actually work. She rolled out her First-of-Its-Kind Virtual Training Platform for stylists across the globe that became a big hit during the pandemic. For her, it was a great year, a year when her certified mentees did exceptionally well despite the economic slump.

In a world where training begins with mantras like "work hard", Turley believes in encouraging the stylists to "work smart." She says, "Our training provides the stylists with confidence to charge their worth, and the continued education we offer sets a pathway for them to be able to increase their prices as they get more knowledgeable and experienced in extensions. "

Living in an industry that's full of "noise", IBE training strives to render quality and candid training to its stylists. Amidst the easy access to free hair extension tutorials and "1-minute quality install", the stylists are often misled and end up learning flawed techniques. Well, a safe and comfortable hand-tied extension install takes more education than "1-minute YouTube tutorials" to excel in the industry! For stylists looking to dive into the real world of hair extensions, IBE training would be something that would keep them on the up and up in the industrial game.

So what's more that IBE certification brings for stylists to get the ball rolling? Combining the ability to pause, stop, rewind your education, the constant support and personal mentoring keeps you ahead of the curve. A mentor will check every technical aspect of the method and won't certify the stylist until they are ready. Turley says, "We are not just about “filling seats” here at IBE. We truly care about the individual and their experience with our team. We support our stylists long after they are certified by showcasing their talents on our social media accounts and offering continued personalized education."

IBE promises to be different, unique and most importantly, candid. As more and more men and women enter the cosmetology world, the dilution of the craft is inevitable. To stand out, a stylist needs to identify where they can flourish and push those boundaries. And, IBE makes sure to stoke your styling fire that ramp up the chances of creating success.