Selena Gomez has been ruling the internet ever since she came out with her singles, “Lose You to Love Me” and “Look at Her Now”. The fans were totally taken by surprise with the release of these two songs. Not even hours after the singles dropped, Twitter was already trending Selena Gomez and the song names. Not only are the songs absolutely stunning, but the singer is also making jaws drop with her beauty in the music videos. With the rise of Selena Gomez once again, let’s all try and learn makeup techniques to look like her. Thirsday Special: Selena Gomez’ Sexy Pictures Will Prove Why the ‘Lose You to Love Me’ Singer Rules Instagram!

Selena Gomez is naturally beautiful and doesn't rely a lot on makeup to look like her glam self. Even her makeup is mostly natural with a few staples we can see all the time. Here are some of the things you can take from Sel's makeup to look like her! Selena Gomez Finally Responds to Fans Trolling Hailey Baldwin For Her Cryptic 'I'll Kill You' Post.

Tiny Wing

Selena Gomez has small, hooded eyes. Her eye shape doesn’t allow a lot of space for thick wings and dramatic eyeshadow looks. But this does not mean she shies away from wings. She always has the smallest wing going on.

Selena Gomez' Wings


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How to Get Selena Gomez’ Wings

Though her wing can be achieved, the shape she goes for works very well for hooded eyes. Every eye shape has a wing shape made for them. But if you have hooded eyes, keep your eyeliner small but make the flick elongated. If you make the eyeliner thick, you might get the bent, spoon effect.

Tousled Hair

Recently, Selena Gomez has been rocking her natural hair. She keeps her hair in its true self and lets her waves free.

Selena Gomez' Tousled Hair


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How to Get Selena Gomez’ Tousled Hair

Try thicker curling wands and don’t curl the last one inch of your hair. If you’re lazy to curl with heat, try braiding your damp hair before bed and just run your fingers through it once you open the braids.

Selena Gomez' Peachy Nudes

Selena Gomez is one of the many actresses who love nude lipsticks. She usually sticks to nudes, especially peachy toned nudes.

Selena Gomez' Peachy Nudes/strong>


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How to Get Selena Gomez’ Peachy Nudes

Try going for a medium nude lipstick with a peach undertone. If you can’t find the perfect peach nude, try dabbing a little peach blush on your lipstick for that same effect.

Here are the things you need to switch up to look more like your favourite singer. Make these little changes and you might just achieve her cute and trendy style.

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