It is April Fools' Day 2019 Every year that is April 1, that time of the year to play pranks on everyone, guilt-free. But are you just done with the boring ink on the towel and grease on the chair jokes? If you are, you need a major upgrade, and you have reached the right place after googling endlessly. While we agree that there are many April Fool's Day ideas and pranks you may find on the internet but doesn't everyone has access to those done and dusted pranks already?  Thanks to constant messages on WhatsApp and Facebook, people are already careful about someone playing a prank on them. But if you are a prankster, then you'd know some pranks that go beyond the regular and predictable ones. If you are looking for some clever yet harmless best April Fools' Day pranks and jokes, let us help you out. April Fools' Day: Afraid of Getting Fooled, You can Follow These Tricks to Avoid Pranks.

While people celebrate the day indulging in a lot of fun and pranking from years, there is still no clarity about the origin of this day. There are several theories tracing the origin of April Fools Day. But it is essentially a day of carrying mischief with your friends, colleagues or family. As the day gets closer, you may want to plan of clever pranks to play on them. Because you don't want to make a fool of yourself in the process.

Clever April Fools' Day Pranks to Play on Your Friends, Colleagues or Family

  • Fake Bugs: This is one prank that will continue working year after year. Get fake creepy crawly bugs like lizards, cockroaches and other insects and just place them on your colleagues' desk. Watch out for the screams that fill around later.
  • Attach Airhorn to the Seat: Get an airhorn and fit it below the seat of the person who you want to prank. It may take a while but try practising before you put it to use. When the person sits on the chair, the horn will blow.
  • Deactivate the mouse: This is an easy trick. Just stick a piece of paper or a sticky tape beneath the mouse. The mouse will stop working and let the person wonder as to why the mouse isn't working. This trick, however, won't last too long because as soon as the person turns the mouse upside down, they will figure out the paper.
  • Soap covered in nail polish: Paint your soap bar with nail polish and leave it in the bathroom, like a newly opened soap. The soap cannot be used and it won't lather due to the coating. Let the person wonder what is it about the new soap!
  • Spill the secrets: Just leave an intriguing note on someone's desk mentioning you'd be revealing their secrets. Let them wonder who and what secrets are going to be revealed. The person might be left scratching their head as to what you are talking about. Try and leave 2-3 related notes in and around which they will find.
  • Replace cream with toothpaste: Offer Oreo biscuits to people, but replace the cream with toothpaste. No one says no to Orea, so catch their expressions as they taste the minty toothpaste instead of sweet cream!

Videos of Some Other April Fool's Day Pranks

Last Minute April Fool's Day Pranks

If you are too tied up and haven't found the time to plan pranks, these are some easy, last-minute pranks which you can do on your friends and family members.

April Fool Pranks For Your Roommate

If you are living with roommates or your partner, here are some pranks that you can try on them. These are simple pranks but can really work if your partner is unaware.

We hope the above ideas and videos help you to have a good day pranking your friends and colleagues this April Fool's Day. If you too know of any other innovative prank ideas to execute on April 1, do share them with us as well.

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