The challenges that LGBTQIA communities face is extremely daunting. And even within this community, there are some who particularly subjected to various discrimination, hate and shame. And the bisexual community is often on the receiving end of these curveballs. In an effort to raise more awareness on what bisexuality actually means, the journey of people who identify as bisexuals and more, September 23 is celebrated as Bi Visibility Day or Celebrate Bisexuality Day. Celebrations of this day often include Bi Visibility Day greetings, Bi Visibility Day 2020 wishes, quotes and awareness messages on bisexuality, Happy Bisexuality+ Day WhatsApp Stickers and Facebook Status pictures that are shared amongst friends and family. Celebrate Bisexuality Day 2020 Wishes and Images Trend Online: Twitterati Bring Attention to the Bisexual Community, Shares Pictures of Bisexual Pride Flag.

Celebrate Bisexuality Day remembers the history of bisexual people and their struggles through life, their individual journey of discovery as well as the bisexual community's journey through history. The celebration of Bi Visibility Day all dates back to the formation of the oldest national bisexuality organization in the United States, BiNet USA in 1990. This organisation observed the first National Bisexual Conference in America and declared June 23, 1990, Bisexual Pride Day. This celebration of the bisexual community in specific, in contrast to general pride, came from a place of understanding and acknowledgement of the marginalisation of bisexual people for years. Celebrate Bisexuality Day 2020 Date, Theme, History and Significance: What Is Bi Visibility Day? Know Everything About the Day Dedicated to the Bisexual Community.

The celebration of Bi Visibility Day on September 23 began in 2012, when Berkeley City Council unanimously and without discussion declared September 23 as Bisexual Pride and Bi Visibility Day.

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While the celebration of Bi Visibility Day is an international event now, the BiNet USA actually commentates Bisexual+ Awareness Week beginning from September 16. This week-long program aims to make people more receptive and understanding to the bisexual people, and helps us navigate their journeys in life by being their allies and supporting them through and through. The observance of Celebrate Bisexuality Day 2020 is sure to be more contained to the online world with virtual events and conferences that raise awareness on the subject. Here's hoping that you bring in this day by vowing to be more compassionate and understanding not only towards the LGBTQIA+ community but all people.

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