Children's Day 2018: Know the History, Significance and Celebrations Behind Celebrating Bal Diwas on 14th November
Children's Day 2018 (Photo credits: File Image)

November 14 is celebrated as Children's day in India. It is one of those celebrations which not just celebrates a historical leader Jawaharlal Nehru but also takes us back in pleasant memories. Children's Day is celebrated on the birthday of India's first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Fondly remembered as Chacha Nehru, he loved children. His birthday marks a remembrance of his love and affection towards the children. Children's Day also called Bal Diwas sees a lot of celebrations across educational institutions. On Children's Day 2018, let us tell you a little about the history and significance of why this day is marked. Children’s Day 2018 Speeches: Watch Videos of English & Hindi Quotes & Speeches to Deliver on Bal Diwas.

History and Significance of Children's Day

The very first  Children's Day celebrations began as a universal practice. A conference was being held on the general well-being of children in 1925. During this conference, an idea was expressed to have a day dedicated to children and their development. The United Nations then suggested November 20 as the date for celebrating Universal Children’s Day. Children’s Day 2018 Messages: WhatsApp Messages & Stickers, GIF Images, SMS & Facebook Cover Photos to Wish Kids on 14th November. 

The basic idea was to encourage all the countries to have a dedicated day to promote mutual exchange and understanding among the children. It was decided to initiate action plans for the welfare of kids all over the world. there are several children all over the globe who have been subjected to ill-treatment, violence, lack of opportunities, illiteracy etc. This day was marked to create awareness about all those children who continue to suffer.

In India, it is celebrated on November 14 as an honour to Pandit Nehru, who strived for the betterment of the children. He worked on several welfare schemes for the Indian youth. He wanted more and more children to be developed through education and because of his popularity among the children, he was fondly called Chacha Nehru.

Celebrations of Children's Day

Schools bring in the children's day celebrations with great enthusiasm. Chocolates, sweets and roses are distributed in some schools, while other forms of cultural programmes are organised in other. Some NGOs also undertake donation drives, wherein toys, clothes, books etc are distributed among underprivileged children. It is a day to let the kids be themselves and also educate them about Chacha Nehru's work and efforts towards children development. In several schools, competitions are held to honour the contributions about Jawaharlal Nehru.

The day may be particularly for the children, but we all love in getting lost in the glory of our childhood days every once in a while. Childhood is indeed the best phase of one's life and rare would be those who don't miss it! And while all of us tend to get busy with our growing up phases each day, Children's day is one that manages to take us back. We wish you all and the inner child within you a very Happy Children's Day!