New Delhi, August 14: India and all the Indians, filled with pride, patriotism and passion, are gearing up to mark the 75th year of independence. This August 15 completes 75 years of freedom for our beloved nation. Amid this celebration of freedom, it is important to note that August 15, like all other national festivals, is a dry day. Alcohol will not be served in pubs and bars on Sunday. This is applicable to Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai and the rest of the country alike.  Also the liquor shops will remain closed. Notably, according to the Alcohol Laws in India, the sale of liquor is prohibited on August 15 in the country, making it a 'dry day.' Dry Days in India 2021: Check Full List of Dry Days in New Year Calendar With Dates When Alcohol Will Not Be Available for Sale in Bars, Pubs and Liquor Shops.

For each and every Indian, despite differentiation of caste, culture, gender, age, profession differentiation, August 15 is a special, irreplaceable date to make time from their usual busy lives and remember the scarifies of the great freedom fighters who made it possible for them to lead an independent, free, liberated life they are proudly leading. To respect the same sentiment, devotion and gratitude towards thousands of our ancestors who lost their lives, suffered unfathomable miseries to make India an independent nation, Independence Day remains a dry day across the country. Dry Days 2021 List for Delhi, Free PDF Download: Check Complete Calendar With Festivals and Dates When Alcohol Is Not for Sale in the Capital City of India.

The spirit of love and devotion towards the mother land is shining brightly across all the lanes, roads, cities and states of the country. People, association, institutions, governments - local, state, centre-  undertake several programmes to mark this day and alcohol is no where important for this patriotic emotion to survive, sustain and succeed. The cost our forefathers paid to make free our 'Sone Ki Chidiya' from the cage and clutches of the British empire finally paid off on August 15, 1947 with the birth of Independent India. We, the proud Indians, celebrate this day every day

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