Halloween 2018 Pumpkin Decoration Ideas: Watch Videos to Make Crazy Creepy Jack O’Lanterns
Pumpkin Decoration Ideas for Halloween (Photo credits: Pixabay)

The time for spook is around as Halloween approaches. The preparations have already begun with people looking out for outfits and decoration ideas. The holidays season will begin with Halloween and it is celebrated very enthusiastically by Americans. While dressing up spooky is a part of the traditions, decorating the pumpkins also called the Jack-O'-Lanterns is also an important aspect. The idea of lighting up pumpkins dates back to the 17th century. But the typically Halloween tradition originated in America with the Irish immigrants coming in. Trick or Treat? Know the History Behind the Spookiest Trend of Halloween. 

The carving on vegetable is a tradition of the Celts. In their autumn celebrations, they used to light up their homes for the good vibes. They carved out the pumpkins, put in a light flame and kept them outside their homes. A lot of people search online for pumpkin decoration ideas, unique pumpkin carving ideas, pumpkin ideas for Halloween. If you too have been wondering how to decorate a pumpkin and how you can make it unique, let us help you out with video tutorials. Halloween Costume Ideas 2018: Devil Costume Inspirations That Will Make Your Halloween Both Evil and Sexy. 

Pumpkin Decoration Ideas for Halloween 2018

Creative Halloween Pumpkin Design Ideas

You can take inspiration from this video about how you can go about your pumpkin decorations. Some of them are quite spooky. You can either make the same designs or take an idea and make your own.

Pumpkin Carving Tutorial

You need to be really careful while you are carving out a pumpkin. This video will help you how to go about it. Make sure you use all sharp objects. Use stencils along with paper and pencil to make the design first and then carve.

Pumpkin Decorations Without Carving

One can very well decorate a pumpkin without having to carve on it. Especially if you are working with kids then you'd rather stay away from carving but still get the decorations done. You can get creative with the paint and your pumpkin decorations need not be spooky but can be fun and sparkly too.

We hope these videos and video tutorials help you in making your Halloween pumpkin decorations. Do you have any other ideas in mind? Enjoy your pumpkin decorations and Happy Halloween!