Helen Keller Day is the birth anniversary of Helen Keller, who was an American author, political activist and lecturer. It is observed every year on June 27.

This day is observed as a holiday by international organizations, especially for those blind and deaf. It is generally known for the fashion show held on June 27 annually for fundraising purposes. Helen Adams Keller was born on June 27, 1880, and was the first deafblind person to earn a bachelor of arts degree. As you observe Helen Keller Day 2022, we at LatestLY, have curated a list of 5 things that you must know about Helen Keller. 16 Incredible Facts About the Deaf-Blind American Author That Will Inspire You to Achieve Your Dreams Despite All Odds.

Became dead and blind due to childhood illness

When Helen was 19 months old, she was detected with acute congestion of the stomach and the brain. It is now known as scarlet fever or meningitis. A few days after her fever broke, her mum realised that Helen had lost her hearing and sight as she wasn’t responding to the dinner bell or a hand wave.

Mark Twain was her best friend

Helen and Mark met in Cambridge School for young ladies when she was 14 years old. Helen started to recognise Mark with his scent as he smoked 10-20 cigars a day. They stayed close friends until Mark’s death 16 years later.

Was a member of the Socialist Party of America

A big part of Helen’s life was focused on politics. She wrote essays about her socialist views and supported industrial workers' rights, women’s suffrage and birth control. She has also been investigated by the FBI several times. She belonged to the Socialist Party of America and helped find the American Civil Liberties Union.

The U.S currency has an image of Helen Keller

Helen appears as an old woman sitting holding a book on the rocking chair in the Alabama state quarter (part of the 50 states quarter program).

The Bollywood movie Black is inspired by Helen Keller’s life

The director of the movie Sanjay Leela Bhansali read Helen’s autobiography and visited the Helen Keller Institute for the deaf and blind before writing and directing the film. The film was premiered at Cannes and both lead actors won Indian film fare awards.

Helen Keller was history’s most famous deaf-blind person and an inspiring author, and activist. On Helen Keller Day 2022, you must know these unknown facts about her.

Wishing everyone Happy Helen Keller Day 2022!

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