Hello writers! The International Haiku Poetry Day is here, and it’s time to write beautiful Haiku poems. People, who do not know much about Haiku, do not have to worry much about it. For starters, it a form of poetry writing which originated in Japan. Over the centuries, Haikus have gained prominence worldwide. Different traditions influence the structure of Haiku worldwide. On World Haiku Poetry Day, we at LatestLY bring all you need to know about Haiku.

When will International Haiku Poetry Day 2021 be celebrated?

Every year, writers across the world observe the occasion of International Haiku Poetry Day on April 17. This year, the international poetry writing event will fall on Saturday.

The first observance of International Haiku Poetry Day took place in 2012, which was organised by The Haiku Foundation. Since then, every year, April 17 is observed as the World Haiku Poetry Day.

So, what is a Haiku?

Haiku found its origin in the early 19th century. It is a short poem that consists of 17 syllables, which are written in three lines in 5-7-5 format. The Haiku poems are often unrhymed and about nature. It has its basis on simplicity, emphasis and precise articulation. April 2021 Holidays Calendar With Festivals & Events. 

In the Japanese language, Haikus are written in a single line. However, in English culture, Haikus are written in 3 lines. There are different forms of poetry writing in Japanese culture that are similar to Haiku, such as tanka, haibun, and haiga.

What are some examples of Haiku?

One of the most popular Haikus ever in history is believed to be written by Matusho Basho. He wrote:

An old pond!

A frog jumps in –

the sound of water.

Another example of Haiku:

the first cold shower

even the monkey seems to want

a little coat of straw

A popular Haiku by Yosa Buson:

The light of a candle

Is transferred to another candle –

spring twilight.

Over the years, there have been several changes and modifications made in the way a Haiku is written. However, writers around the world have still kept the core of the 5-7-5 pattern at the heart of Haiku poetry writing.

What is the significance of observing International Haiku Poetry Day?

Haiku is one of the older forms of classical poetry writing. Originating over 200 years back, Haiku has come a long way and has been accepted as a form of poetry writing by cultures across the globe. It would be only fitting to celebrate a dedicated day to honour the popular poetry writing form.

The Haiku Foundation has been observing several cultural programmes on the International Haiku Poetry Day to promote and celebrate Haiku. Programmes such as HaikuLife Haiku Film Festival, Haiku Gatherings, and EarthRise Rolling Haiku Collaboration are some of the events which see active participation from people around the world.

We at LatestLY wish the entire writing community a very Happy International Haiku Poetry Day. Do share with us if you are planning to write a few Haikus on this auspicious day!

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