International Kissing Day 2018 Date, History & Significance: Why Do We Need a Day to Celebrate Kisses?
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We all remember our first kiss that was exciting and romantic but slightly awkward too. And here we have a day to celebrate this one act 'Kissing' which resembles so many emotions; International Kissing Day 2018 is set to be celebrated globally today, July 6. Every kiss offers a special connection with the other person, whether it’s a kiss of friendship, love or a warm greeting. But it definitely throws out strong vibes! So, to embrace the beautiful feelings, individuals across are gearing up to mark Kissing Day in their unique way. However, why we need a day to celebrate kisses is still up for debate.

The act of kissing has meanings with so many types; from French kiss to a formal one on the cheek, to kiss hello and a goodbye kiss. No matter whichever is your favourite one, International Kissing Day on July 6 is a perfect time to celebrate this simple yet strong gesture. How to Kiss? On This International Kissing Day, Here Are Tips to Master the Perfect Kiss

International Kissing Day 2018 Date, History & Significance:

People across the world will be celebrating International Kissing Day 2018 on July 6 with their friends, families and partners. It was established in 2006 to celebrate lovers. There is no set significance behind this event, but experts suggest that many people because of their hectic schedule in their daily life often forget to appreciate the simple pleasures. With time, the act of kissing has become a collective expression of affection worldwide. It should not lead to a social formality at any point in life. International Kissing Day is not as commercialised as Valentine’s Day, but we must celebrate this beautiful gesture.

Why we need a day to celebrate kisses?

It is an undebatable fact that we do not need one significant day to show our dear ones how much we care for them. But there is no harm, for making them feel extra special. And that is why we need a day to celebrate kisses too. Despite the emotions, kissing serves as a natural relaxer too. Health experts say that kissing someone makes us feel happy and at peace; plus, it also engages our muscles in the face.

So, gear up pals, time to celebrate yet another emotion which does not really need words to express. Whether it’s your mom or dad, or your best friend or even your significant other, remind them how much you love with a kiss on International Kissing Day 2018.