Happy Mahashivratri 2021! Today we celebrate the day of Bholenath by prayers and worship and among the things offered to Lord Shiva Dhatura aka Datura or Thornapple is considered to be extremely important. The significance of flowers and dhatura offered to Lord Shiva are even told in the Puranas. According to the Puranas, offering flowers and dhatura to Lord Shiva is the same as offering gold.  On Mahashivaratri, devotees will also be seen offering bhang and dhatura to please Shiva. But have you ever wondered why Lord Shiva likes such intoxicating things like bhang and dhatura? We'll tell you why BUT before that we also have for you, Maha Shivratri 2021 wishes in Hindi and greetings. Send the latest and most popular Maha Shivratri messages in Hindi, which you will love to share with your friends, family, relatives, colleagues, etc., on this auspicious day. Mahashivratri 2021 Date, Puja Vidhi, Vrat & Good Luck Rituals: Know More About Shubh Muhurat, Shankar Mantras & Steps to Follow for Bringing in Prosperity to Your Life During Shiv Puja. 

Why Is Dhatura Offered to Shivling?

One thing famous about Lord Shiva is that he consumes intoxicants like cannabis and dhatura. He loves all such items except alcohol. Is Shiva really drunk with cannabis or any other? Why do they like these things? Why is there so much prevalence of Ganja-Chillam etc. among ascetics? Actually, Lord Shiva lives a life of a nomad and his lifestyle is very different. He stays in the mountains and has set up samadhi to reside there. You should also know: Why Is Tulsi NEVER Offered to Shivling? From Shankh (Conch) to Black Clothes, Things You Should Avoid While Offering Prayers to Lord Bholenath. 

Just like that many sannyasis still live in the mountains. Due to snowfall in the mountains, the climate there is very cold most of the time. Things like ganja, dhatura, cannabis is known to provide warmth to the body which is helpful in spending life for ascetics there. Apart from Dhatura, from Bel Patra to Dhatura, 8 things to offer to the shivling for having your wishes fulfiled by Lord Bholenath on Maha Shivratri. 

Another aspect of this ritual reveals that Lord Shiva accepts Dhatura and Bel Patra in the form of adornment. This adornment of Lord Shiva teaches mankind that Shiva accepts the elements that society despises. Shiva is offered poisonous fruits like Dhatura, which gives the message that people should forget about bad behaviour and bitter things in personal life, family and social life and bring sweetness in relationships.

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