National Hot Dog Day 2018: Know History & Significance of Celebrating The Frankfurter
National Hot Dog Day (Photo credits: Pixabay, maxmann)

A hot dog is a type of a sausage sandwich and is a loved food item on the American continent. One of the very iconic American foods, a hot dog has its own holiday! The National Hot Dog day is celebrated every year in the month of July by the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council, which was established by the American Meat Institute in 1994. The National Hot Dog Day 2018 will be celebrated on July 18. On this day, naturally, people cook up hot dogs and celebrate the holiday. A hot dog is called as a frankfurter, which is a traditionally cooked sausage. A Frankfurter has its origin in Germany from the 1880s. The hot dog came to America when a German immigrant began to sell them at baseball games. Hot Dog Water is the New Health Craze! Know Why it is Sold for 38 Dollars Per Bottle at Canadian Festival.

History and Significance of National Hot Dog Day:

The entire month of July is celebrated as the National Hot Dog month to highlight the humble dish prepared as a comfort snack by many. The first National Hot Dog Day was held in 1991, by holding a hot dog luncheon on Capitol Hill. It has since then become a tradition to the Capitol Hill staffers, officials and workers. This day also honours the association between baseball culture and hotdogs. In the year 1983, Chris Von de Ahe the owner of St. Louis Browns brought the game of baseball and hot dogs together. He sold them during the games and sometimes at the amusement park he had. Since then, they have become an instant hit. So much so that now baseball games seem incomplete without having a delicious hot dog served along.

The typical celebrations involve cooking up the favourite hotdogs and inviting friends and family to enjoy it together. Now there are a variety of hot dogs sold in the country; each state has their special preparation of mixing the sauces, ketchup and other add-ons. Every year the date of celebration differs. In 2016, it was held on July 14th and in 2017, on July 19th in 2017.