Raksha Bandhan 2019 Special: Rakhi Shouldn't be Limited to Tying Thread on Your Brother's Wrist, Let's Thank Everyone Who Takes Care of Us
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The festival to celebrate the sibling bond, Raksha Bandhan, is here, and we cannot keep calm. People in India are in their festive mood as they prepare for a beautiful celebration. Raksha Bandhan 2019 falls on August 15, coinciding with the 73rd Independence Day. In the merriment of exchanging sweets, gifts and money (of course), the real reason behind the festivity goes missing. As per the Hindu tradition, a sister ties rakhi on her brother's wrist, who in return promises to take care of her for a lifetime. While the significance remains, today, the festivity is no longer limited to tying the thread of love on your brother’s wrist. It has evolved, and we are so glad for that. There are many unique ways to celebrate Raksha Bandhan, which also include thanking and appreciating everyone who takes care of you. What it Means to be Only Child on Raksha Bandhan? 

This slightly different approach will never take away the tradition we have been following for years. But it does give a feeling of warmth to those who never fail to take care and also spoil you with their love wonderfully. We should look for more opportunities to show respect in return to our near ones for all the support they shower. And Raksha Bandhan can be one of those unapologetic excuses. Amid the celebration of the sibling bond, this year, let us also thank everyone without whose support and love, our days would be dull.

Grandmother & Grandfather for Being the Rescuer

Every Indian household has strict rules that we are bound to follow. Any time you intend to break these, you might have to face that angry stare of your father.

In such cases, grandparents have always been rescuers. They cheer you up in no time and even come up with the lamest excuse to save you from getting scolded. And how can I not mention, the uncountable times they have narrated so many influential stories to make us understand the importance of never giving up? The best person to run for a warm cuddle, our grandparents, genuinely deserve all the appreciation and that rakhi on their wrists.

Mother, Your Superhero

Nobody in the world can better take care of you than a mother. She can sense quickly, the moment you are down and the warm hug she gives you to assure things are going to be fine soon is unexplainable.

There cannot be only one day on the calendar, called Mother’s Day, to celebrate the awesomeness that moms are. Raksha Bandhan is another excellent excuse to thank your mother for everything they do, as you grow up. So here's also another rakhi for mamma!

BFFs for All the Unsaid Rules

Friendship brings in a lot of unsaid rules. You are not always comfortable with your parents, and it is understandable. There are things that you share with your BFF, and there are also moments when you do not even have to utter a word.

Best friends are great, and they have the fantastic skill of pampering and taking care of you. And especially for people who live away from their family, friends play a significant role. Celebrate this beautiful bond with a rakhi for your BFF, too, on Raksha Bandhan.

Sister Before Anyone

It's not only brothers who take care of you. Sisters are like your mother, and the only difference is that they grow along with you. Plus the rules to follow in your home are equally applicable to you as much as your sisters.

There are no biases. Of course, they can be weird and troublesome at times, but your sister is always there for you, no matter what the circumstance is. So, go ahead and embrace the lovely sister bond you have on Raksha Bandhan.

House Help

As much as your family members take care of you, house help, too, tolerates all your tantrums and never complains. They will manage so many things together and yet make sure that you are taken care of well at any time.

Along with your parents and other family members, your house help plays a significant role in giving life values and sometimes spoiling you a bit.


Pets are the best companion you could ask for. They might not understand the hooman words but will still pay attention to whatever you say.

In addition, we have seen a lot of examples over the years, where our beloved pets amazingly take care of their owners. Those puppy eyes will never leave you. Rakhi would be pawfect with your pets for taking care of you.

All the above beings keep your spirit alive and motivate you each day to work hard. Their love and care are hard to describe. Raksha Bandhan is a celebration of such beautiful bonds, and it will be unfair to limit the festivity to brothers. Besides, do not forget to thank yourself. In a world that pulls you down, you rise above, this Raksha bandhan, appreciate yourself for the strength you hold.