Sankashti Chaturthi Date in July 2019 & Moonrise Timing: When to Break Lord Ganesha Fast (Vrat)?
Lord Ganesha (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Dedicated to the elephant-headed God Ganesha, Sankashti Chaturthi falls every lunar month of the Hindu calendar, on the fourth day of Krishna Paksha (dark lunar phase). It is believed that if Sankashti Chaturthi falls on a Tuesday, it is called Angarki Chaturthi and the observance is considered as highly auspicious. Devotees observe fast to please their beloved Lord Ganesha and seek his blessings for greater achievements. However, this month, Sankashti Chaturthi falls on July 20, 2019, Saturday and the religious observation is known as Gajanana Sankashti Chaturthi. On the auspicious occasion, know Sankashti Chaturthi July 2019 date, moonrise and vrat timing to break Lord Ganesha fast. Sankashti Chaturthi 2019 Date in July: Puja Tithi and Vrat Vidhi to Observe The Auspicious Day Dedicated to Lord Ganesha. 

Among the Hindus, Lord Ganesha holds a significance as the elephant-headed god is known as Vighnaharta Ganesh, symbolising the removal of all obstacles and supreme lord of intelligence. While following the Ganesh Puja rituals, some devotees also prefer to keep fasting to please the Lord. Since Sankashti Chaturthi is an important observance, devotees keep fast, and refrain themselves from eating any heavy food. While some of them eat fruits, others prefer to straight break the fast, depending on the Chaturthi timing.

Sankashti Chaturthi July 2019: Moonrise Time

Fasting day and moonrise timing for Sankashti Chaturthi vary for cities within the same Indian state. It depends on moonrise and it is observed on the day when there is moonrise while Chaturthi Tithi is prevailing. Since the time for moonrise is different for all cities and towns, it is important to follow the Hindu calendar. According to Drik Panchang, July 20 Sankashti Chaturthi begins at 9:14 am and it will end on July 21 at 11:39 am. The Sankashti Chaturthi 2019 moonrise timing is set at 9:45 pm.

Sankashti Chaturthi Vrat 2019

During Sankashti Chaturthi, Lord Ganesha devotees keep fast from sunrise to moonrise. There are many beliefs associated with Ganesha Vrat. Devotees believe that one can get rid of all obstacles if they observe a fast during Sankashti Chaturthi. Apart from fruits, individuals follow a staple Indian diet on the festivity that includes Sabudana Khichadi, potato and peanuts. Devotees break their fast at night, after seeing the moon.

Sankashti Chaturthi is also known as Ganesh Sankatahara or Sankatahara Chaturthi among the devotees, especially Tamilians. Individuals from western and southern India, especially Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu, mostly observe Ganesh Sankashti Chaturthi.