World Head Injury Awareness Day 2020 Date: Know Significance of The Day Highlighting Causes and Complications of Head Injuries
World Head Injury Awareness Day (Photo Credits: File Image)

There are so many people around the world who suffer from head injuries, be it due to a small accident or some serious complications. To create more awareness and also promote prevention, a World Head Injury Awareness Day is marked annually on March 20. This day focuses on the causes and complications of head injuries. It also promotes road safety and talks about head injuries that are majorly caused due to accidents. Awareness sessions and events are held by different organisations to talk about different kinds of head injuries and also provide support to people to show they are not the only ones. Let us know more about this observance. MP Man Grows Devil's Horn After Head Injury; Doctors Call it a Rare Disease.

The entire month of March is marked as Brain Injury Awareness Month. A minor injury to the head can bring in major complications later on in life. Most of the head injuries are a result of accidents. So it is important to always protect your head when you are riding. Sometime even an accidental bump can affect the functioning years later. So this day is dedicated to creating more awareness about the causes and complications of head injuries. Even Minor Head Injuries Can Affect Your Sense of Smell and Cause Anxiety, Says New Research.

Significance of Head Injury Awareness Day

A head injury can mean an injury to the upper scalp to damage to the inner brain. It could be from a minor bruise or fall to a serious accident, resulting in concussion, fractures and wounds. No head injury even if it seems small should be neglected. The idea of marking this very day is to create awareness about head injuries. The main causes of head injuries could be accidents, falls and physical assaults.

The human head has more blood vessels than any other part of your body. So any bleeding to the head is a serious concern. In case of minor injuries, the symptoms could be headache, spinning sensation and nausea. If not tended in time, head injuries can result in memory loss to severe paralysis of the body.

So this day is marked by a different organisation including hospitals who hold seminars and awareness programs to create awareness among the people. This day is also one way of talking about road safety since a lot of people have got head injuries because of accidents.